Instead of being afraid that Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course has too many skills, you should be grateful! Simple as that. Too many of us lacked essential skills. If we had some basic ones that worked we often knew we should know more.

Hundreds of families developed these skills and they nit-picked every gap they experienced or felt in every birth experience they had. Birth stories are shared but rarely do people talk about what they internally felt was missing in their own ability to cope, manage, deal with or work through their birth as it was unfolding.

Finally you’ll learn the ways to prepare your pregnant body to let a big 3 dimensional object out without feeling terrified of something that big actually coming out of you.

At last you’ll learn how all humans breathe and which breathing patterns will give you the ability to expand and soften inside with each inhalation and exhalation.

With relief you’ll learn the simplest way to deal with a niggling labor or how to tell if the position you are in works for your baby.

Thank goodness, both you as a mother and father-to-be have indepth skills that truly permit you to work as a team.

What a blessing that touch can finally be a welcome form of communication during the intensity of giving birth.

What a relief that your skills will carry you through the moments of giving birth you don’t like!

Finally, common sense, non-judgmental, practicals skills are available to you no matter where you birth, with whom you birth or what is happening to or around you.

Just remember … becoming skilled during pregnancy, using skills during your baby’s birth will help you develop and use confidently the skills you’ll need to care for your newborn. We call this Continuity of Self. Each of you moves from ‘becoming’ a mother or father to ‘being’ a mother and father through a phenomenal Gateway Experience. Do it with skills and you’ll become a skilled person who is eager to learn and refine more skills as needed.