Boy, Common Knowledge Trust wishes we could get every pregnant woman to find the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course at 24 weeks … wishful thinking!

Why is that sort of an ideal time to learn? Your Mind and Body feel pretty good from 24 weeks to about 36 weeks and then those two parts of us begin to really, seriously prepare to ‘give birth’. This means you can learn a little at a time during those 12 weeks and the skills stick and grow inside you.

However, the reality is that most expectant mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be aren’t really looking for childbirth education or childbirth preparation until 34 weeks onward. That’s a rush job but there are also advantages. You don’t muck around. You know what you want to know. And you’re much more aware of what you feel is missing.

So the long and the short … no matter how pregnant you are, learning and practicing some skills are better than going into your baby’s birth with none that can adapt and adjust to the experience you will have.

Just remember, Birthing Better skills are NOT linear. There is NO perfect way to learn them. Start with the skills that interest you most. That will lead you to what you want to do next. Eventually you’ll have your own skills (tools) that you know you’ll use.

Don’t worry if you and are partner want to learn different skills at different times. That’s natural. Doing the birth and coaching/supporting a birthing woman are two equally important jobs/tasks but they are different. Share with each other what you’ve learned and discuss how the ‘doing birth’ and ‘helping’ skills can come together.

Remember all these skills were developed equally by fathers and mothers. No stone has been left unturned to find skills that work for every one in every birth.