Baby shower gift

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Baby Shower Gift

Stores and the Internet abound with baby shower gifts, baby shower gift ideas and even unique baby gifts. Every mother-to-be appreciates having her friends and family create a SPECIAL OCCASION in the form of a Baby Shower. Have you already chosen your baby shower gift? If not we’d like you to consider some things before you purchase a present.

  • Are you really close to this expectant family as a relative or friend?
  • Are you a casual friend?
  • Are you looking to buy a run of the mill baby shower gift that’s attractive or pragmatic?
  • Does a unique baby shower gift tweak your fancy instead?

The baby shower gift you give to this mother-to-be can CHANGE the her LIFE and that of the expectant father you know and perhaps love.

This special mother-to-be or father-to-be may well be a sister or brother, son or daughter or even a grandson or granddaughter.

Why is the RIGHT baby shower gift so important?

Having a baby is SO important!

In reality, most expectant moms and fathers-to-be look forward to their baby’s birth but skip over The Birth part. Families often look beyond The Birth because too many expectant moms and dads feel anxious about the birth experience. This is why baby shower gifts are often about AFTER THE BIRTH.

We’d like you to think about how Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course can be just the RIGHT baby shower gift. In other words, you can give a baby shower gift that can have a HUGE positive impact in how this special expectant family experience their baby’s birth.

Your baby shower gift … Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation course … can give the mom and dad you love a whole new, enjoyable, exciting, meaningful approach to the birth of their baby … birth and birth coaching skills

Families developed Birthing Better skills

In 2012 the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation course was VOTED #1 resource for pregnancy and birth by consumers through There’s a real reason people vote for a product. The product works and works well.

In a world full of fear, anxiety, hope and choice during pregnancy, the birth of any baby is right up there as the Number #1 EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE.

Your SPECIAL baby shower gift to this pregnant woman and dad-to-be can make the difference by creating a Life-Time of POSITIVE and EMPOWERED birth memories instead of negative.

When you give this Gift of Love as a baby shower gift this expectant family will thank you forever for thinking outside the box and answering their one greatest anxiety … ‘What are we going to do at the birth?’

You’ll delight to see this family grow their confidence, capabilities and competence as moms-to-be and dads-to-be.

Pregnancy is the Time when a woman is ‘becoming’ a mother and a man is ‘becoming’ a father.

THE BIRTH moves them to ‘being’ a mom and ‘being’ a dad. Your baby shower gift will guarantee that they make this move with pride, dignity and empowerment no matter what type of birth they have.

Birthing better leaves positive birth memories FOREVER

Unique baby shower gifts … throw away or meaningful?

Too many baby shower gifts for expecting mothers are used for a few months then stored, given away or thrown out!

Your baby shower gift can be different because YOU CARE in a special manner. You want this mother-to-be to have the very best birth experience she can have.

Perhaps you’ve given birth and know what we’re saying.

Giving birth is DYNAMIC. Without really good birth skills women can ‘suffer’ from the pain of contractions or feel disconnected during a Caesarean. With great birth skills women can easily manage, cope and deal with labor pain and have skills to use on way to hospital, while being prepped and during the Caesarean. And the father-to-be/other can now become a wonderful birth coach.

Birthing Better birth skills are practical, effective, easy to learn. The skills suit all pregnancies and every birth. The hundreds of families who developed the Birthing Better skills didn’t want to rely on chance to have a positive birth. Families wanted to feel in control because 100% of expecting mothers will give birth one way or another.

Skilled mothers-to-be birth better. Skilled fathers-to-be help better. It’s as simple as that. Whether a woman has health issues or not, birth skills matter. Whether she has a medical birth or natural birth her skills will matter. Skilled fathers will always participate better because they know exactly what to do!

Your unique baby gift of the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Course will make a huge difference to the lives of this mother and father-to-be!

A baby shower gift for expecting fathers … silly or meaningful?

We don’t think much about dads-to-be. Men were left out of birth for so long and now they are merely a strong hanger to hang on, offer ice chips and get in the way. That’s so wrong on so many levels.

When you give the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course to the expectant father-to-be in your life you are giving them skills developed by hundreds of other fathers! He will learn from other men and feel confident in how to understand birth from his important role as birth coach/support.

Giving this wonderful and loved father-to-be a gift of birth coaching skills will lead him to excel at what men are hardwired to know how to help … giving birth! You think we jest? Not so.

Every man grew up inside a woman’s belly and every man was born from a woman’s body! Men are hard-wired to know about birth. They just need the right skills. Now you can give this expecting father a unique baby gift for his baby shower … just do it privately if necessary.

Your baby shower gift matters in a world of millions of baby shower gifts

Giving a unique baby gift requires much thought.

Love and this family’s future can be a motivator in how you make a choice from all the baby shower gift ideas available.

Choosing The Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course means you are choosing a precious gift, a gift for expectant mothers and expecting dads that will never be thrown out, given away or stored … it’s the Gift of Positive Birth memories that come from being a skilled mom-to-be and dad-to-be.