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birth education

Ho Hum To The Present Birth Education

Google used to be where you could find anything! But now, all you find is the same old, same old birth education that didn’t work for your friends, for you at your previous birth and won’t work for you at this one either! What a shock.

Why is that? Most birth education classes are good for one very important thing:

  • Meeting other families that can become life-long friends … great, always been great and always will be great!

And while you and your partner sit in classes getting heaps and heaps of information, all that flies out of your head as soon as your birth unfolds!

That alone should tell us how birth education has failed us for 40 years! And it has.

Google searches come up with much the same birth information. Techniques that don’t work well and ideas about Birth Plans that often fail.

Is there no light at the end of the tunnel? Yes there is and it comes from families like yours … called Birthing Better.

Birth Education As It Should Be!

The Right Skills To Birth Your Baby

Birth education should lead you directly to being able to birth better and to have your partner/friend know how to help you birth better.

The birth of your baby is important to you. You want your birth education to lead you to a positive, empowered birth.

The past message has been ‘make a Birth Plan’ but you can’t plan birth. There’s no way to know how your birth will unfold.

Skills should always be the foundation for giving birth, doing the birth and helping you to work through the time it takes for your baby to be born. You can birth better. You should birth better.

Birthing Better families developed all the skills and used these phenomenal skills in every single type of birth. Skills should always be the foundation to your birth education. It’s the ULTIMATE ACTIVITY!

Birthing Better families commit to getting the most out of our pregnancy and baby's birth.

Birth education at it’s finest and most practical. These skills have been used in hospital and home, with little medical interventions and every intervention under the sun, during labor and vaginal birth, labor and unplanned Cesarean as well as non-laboring Caesareans.

Learn 3 Skill-sets in easy week-by-week lessons starting from 24 weeks onward.

  1. PRACTICAL PREPARATION HANDS-ON SKILLS: How to create space, mobility and softness in your pelvis and baby’s birth passage: Hip Lift, Sacral Manoeuvre, Sit-Bone Spread, Tailbone Movement, Mapping Your Pelvis, Pubic Arch Spread, The Pelvic Clock, Internal Work, Kate’s Cat and Baby Friendly Positions
  2. PRACTICAL BIRTH MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Skills to cope, deal with, work through, manage, stay on top of and remain in control no matter what is happening to you or around you: Sustainable-Directed Breathing,  Deep Touch Relaxation, Non-verbal/Verbal Communication, Internal Work and Positive/Negative Voice how to bring the body skills into birth as needed.
  3. SOFT SKILLS: These are the skills that tie the hands-on and practical skills together throughout your baby’s birth: 5 Phases of Contractions, 2 Birthing Behaviours, 2 Birth Plans, Tension, Relaxation, Dealing With Pain, Staying in NOW and Progressing Labor 

Also receive 3 emails that share skills
from the three skill-sets

Subsequent emails for your best birth education:

  • Email ONE:  How to approach childbirth
  • Email TWO: Be introduced to the 4 ways humans breathe
  • Email THREE:  Have a check list of good and bad birthing behaviors
  • Email FOUR: Of course … an offer for you!
Plan Your Birth

Birth education that gives you and your partner the skills you need

Birth better because you can