Breathing, Communication and Touch short course online

Breathing, Communication and Touch skills for birth

Introduction Breathing, Communication and Touch

Lesson One

WATCH and LISTEN: Fathers-to-be knowing exactly when and how to help his birthing partner is good for him and you. Having these great skills are really Life skills yet more intensely and specifically used for birthing your  baby.

  • Audio: Breathing, Communication and Touch … positive experience Mp3
  • Audio: When fathers can help at birth Mp3
  • Video: Introduction to Breathing, Communication, Touch
  • Video: Introduction for fathers-to-be/others

Sustainable, Adjustable and Usable Breathing

Lesson Two

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: Breathing well throughout your baby’s birth journey is without a doubt your most fundamental skill. Thankfully as humans we all breathe the same and can learn the wonderful breathing skills that Birthing Better families developed for their births and now yours.

  • Audio: Birth Coach listening to breathing Mp3
  • Audio: Why you have to learn how to breathe in birth Mp3
  • Video: Work with your breath
  • PDF: Breathing Sustainable, Adaptable and Usable
  • PDF: Directed Breathing

Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Lesson Three

LISTEN and READ: Learn why and how every father/other absolutely can develop brilliant non-verbal and verbal communication skills with their pregnant/birthing partner. So many brilliant communication skills that are really Life skills. Women … learn how to use your communication skills inside your head while you’re experiencing all the dynamics of giving birth.

  • Audio: Birth-coaching communication Mp3
  • PDF: Communication … Verbal and Non-verbal
  • PDF: Positive and Negative Voice

The Right Touch

Lesson Four

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: As the birth-coach when you know how to touch your pregnant/birthing partner well will totally enrich your personal relationship. Birth requires very specific touch as a ‘cue’ that focuses your partner to soften inside her body. Your touch helps her birth well.

  • Audio: Birth Coach and touch Mp3
  • Video: Right Touch
  • Video: 4 Types of Tension
  • Video: Manage your Internal Tension
  • Video: Massage
  • PDF: Tension
  • PDF: Relaxation

Progression and Pain

Lesson Five

LISTEN and READ: No woman wants labor to forever! Once you learn the vital skills in this lesson childbirth will move from being mysterious and mystifying to just be amazing and special. And you can practice to one of the audios in this lesson.

  • Audio: Pain Mp3
  • Audio: Birth Journey Mp3
  • PDF: 5 Phases and Bell Shared Curve
  • PDF: Progression in labor
  • PDF: Staying in the Now
  • PDF: Hows and Whys of Pain
  • PDF: Working with pain

Saying Good-bye

Lesson Six

WATCH and READ:  Almost all Birthing Better skills can be practiced while you’re driving, doing tasks, at work and on your own.  Practice just leads to becoming skilled. In other words, we become skilled because we keep doing something over and over again until we ‘perfect’ skills. If you’re interested in 10 skills to grow during pregnancy from conception to birth, here’s some more!

  • Video: Bringing it all together
  • PDF: The Importance of Being Practiced.