NZ Midwife 2-year Training/Enrolment Period

Enrollment September 2018-10 January 2019

If you have any questions about this training, please contact Wintergreen(AT) or text 0223551131. Our Trust wants every participating midwife to feel comfortable and certain about this amazing opportunity and transformative journey.



Common Knowledge Trust is fully aware this NZ midwife 2-year training may…

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NZ Midwife 2-year Training/Past Broke Present

Hindsight leads to foresight


Hindsight is 20/20. We can’t go back in Time and do things differently in the whole childbirth conversation since the 1950s, any more than a woman can replay her birth the next day. However, we can face the reality of the past and change…

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Andrea Nelson Midwife

NZ Midwife 2-year Training/Andrea’s Practice-based Research

Andrea’s practice-based evidence


Working with skilled families made sense right away to Andrea. We know this 2-year training will clearly show similar benefits. We have no doubt.

The Brant Study just confirms, way back in New Zealand’s history, that birth skills have a huge positive impact on childbirth no…

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NZ Midwife 2-year Training/Data and Future Research

Data collected


All the data from this 2-year training will be freely available to NZCOM and other researchers. Common Knowledge Trust to be referenced.

We are training midwife participants in a specific way to explain to their clients how we can implement our New Zealand Midwifery Partnership in equally,…

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NZ Midwife 2-year Training/ Skilled Family Interviews

Let’s hear from skilled families


We hope during this 2-year training, you will collect interviews. Hearing directly from mothers/fathers/others about the personal benefit of using skills helps strengthen the societal expectation, health promotion and shared public health message that it’s normal and natural to self-learn birth and birth-coaching…

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NZ Midwife 2-year Training/Common Knowledge Trust

History of Common Knowledge Trust 


Wintergreen, the Founder/Director, immigrated to New Zealand in 1995. She brought into New Zealand the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation skills (previously known as The Pink Kit). She developed these skills with hundreds of fathers and mothers in the early 1970s. From this…

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NZ Midwife 2-Year Training/Koha

NZ Midwife 2-year Training Funding


Common Knowledge Trust wants to make this training cost effective to all participating midwives. The Koha will go toward administrative costs. Is your Koha worthwhile?

The Big Question: ‘Do skills have a positive impact on birth?’  That’s exciting, so easy and enjoyable to investigate because


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Founder/Director Common Knowledge Trust

NZ Midwife 2-year Training/Director Common Knowledge Trust

Who is Wintergreen … where did that funny name come from


Let’s get the name thing out of the way. I have spent a large portion of my Life prior to immigrating to New Zealand in 1995 living in very traditional communities.

In each community, I am Named.

Naming is…

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NZ Midwife 2-Year Training

Welcome to the NZ Midwife 2-Year Training!

We’re inviting you and your clients to participate in an exciting adventure!

During this training, we’ll collaboratively explore the benefits of birth skills for both families and for you.

The sign-up form to participate is at the bottom of each page, so you…

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