vbac tips


You want VBAC tips for a successful vaginal birth after your previous cesarean. We’re here to wake you up, open your Mind and get your partner really involved in helping you. Because Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation is so unique, we have to compare what you’ll find on Google to the Read more…

Why obstetricians want VBACs

Why obstetricians want VBACs

In your parent’s life-time the way Cesareans were performed has changed greatly. Instead of cutting the uterine muscles up and down, the lower uterine muscles are separated. Instead of using a general anesthetic which makes mothers unconscious, now women having a c-section have an epidural and are awake. And fathers-to-be Read more…

Is a home birth the best place for my VBAC?

Home Birth VBAC

Homebirth VBAC is without a doubt the pinnacle of birthing success … your pride of accomplishment. Home birth VBAC also shows doubters that they are safe. You’re pregnant now either firm in your choice or considering a vbac homebirth. You sit within this decision either attempting a vaginal birth after Read more…