Childbirth skills for all births

Being Prepared

Lesson One

Here’s a chunk of eBooks that cover our individuality through pregnancy and our approach your baby’s birth such as where we’ll birth or type of birth we want or would hate. Most of these modules are between 6 and 20 pages. Read only the ones you want to. We also begin to introduce you to our shared common body language and common knowledge.
(21 eBooks)

Working Together

Lesson Two

In a series of lessons you’ll learn breathing, communication and right touch skills as well as how to bring these skills into your teamwork. Your two roles must come together through verbal and non-verbal communication. And your internal voice plays a big role in how well you work with your birth-coaching partner.
(5 eBooks)

Body Skills

Lesson Three

Starting at 24 weeks onward we share with you the specific and unique skills to prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body. Each video segment takes you slowly through each skill such as Hip Lift, Sit Bone Spread, Mapping your Pelvis and The Pelvic Clock. The audio leads you step-by-step how to prepare your baby’s birth canal.
(1 audio, 4 eBooks, 9 videos)

Get Ready For Labor

Lesson Four

As you get ready for birth (whether a labor or planned Caesarean), you will probably make a Birth Plan. We want you to make two! You’ll also refresh your mind about the 3 roles in childbirth as well as how to ‘practice’ these skills. There’s also an audio. Practice your skills to what you hear. The audio approaches birth from both the role of birthing woman and birth-coach so listen together.
(1 Audio, 4 eBooks)

Managing Pain

Lesson Five

Managing pain associated with birth whether due to contractions or surgery you want to understand pain and then know how to use your skills to manage, stay in control and on top of the sensations. There are 5 eBooks in these lessons that give you skills about relaxation and tension as well as what to do with your negative thoughts and work with them.
(5 eBooks)

During Labor

Lesson Six

In these lessons you’ll learn exactly how to use your skills throughout the 5 phases of every contraction, how to keep labor progressing, how to work moment to moment and not get lost in the past or future as well as being able to recognise positive and negative behaviours … work toward maintaining the positive ones and let go of the negative ones.
(4 eBooks)

After Birth

Lesson Seven

You will look back on your baby’s birth. Try doing that now and look down two paths … being skilled and not. What will your birth memories be if you choose to become skilled or not?
(1 eBook)