Midwife reviews

Midwife reviews

The Pink Kit is now known as Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation. Midwives are primarily women and many of them have given birth. Many midwives choose this profession because they have had a great birth and want other women to have the same OR they had a terrible birth and don’t want other women to experience that. However, midwives are just like the rest of birthing women. Midwives do not go to school to learn to birth, they go to school to learn whether your birth falls within normal range! As women, midwives who have personally used Birthing Better skills, change both within themselves and how they approach their profession.

Significantly, women who work as midwives want their clients to self-learn Birthing Better skills because they self-learned and discovered what our Trust knows … Birthing Better skills are best self-learned and do not do well being ‘taught’ by others or ‘done’ on women without them having prior knowledge and experience with the skills.

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