Birth Skills Conclusion

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Birth Skills Conclusion
Birth Skills For Your Birth

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Birth Skills Conclusion

Birthing Better fathers and mothers who developed these skills and have used them in ALL births without exception will tell you that these skills are easy to learn, practical and effective.

These Birthing Better skills give you a common set of birth and birth-coaching skills based on our shared human body. These skills are not rocket-science. They don’t require anatomy and physiology.

Start about 24 weeks pregnancy and take 10-15 minutes every day or two. Most of these birth and birth-coaching skills can be ‘practiced’ while you’re doing anything else in life.

The goal of these skills has always been to prepare our pregnant body for birth and to have the ability to cope, manage, work through, deal with, handle, stay on top of and feel in control no matter where we birth, who is present, our personal circumstances/beliefs/choices or what happens to or around us.

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