Childbirth Pain

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Childbirth Pain
Birth Skills For Your Birth

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Birth is the BIG Unknown

There are actually some women who feel absolutely no pain during labor contractions. Most women find labor contraction pains range between manageable to “I’m going to die”.

You won’t know until.

Without skills, women will often explain labor pains like this: ‘When labor started, the labor contractions didn’t really hurt. Then the contractions started to get more intense but I was able to cope. Then the pains got really intense and I found it hard to cope but then the pain went off the charts and I lost it.”

With skills, women often explain labor pains like this: ‘I started using my skills even when the contractions weren’t hurting so I could get into the habit of using them. The contractions got more intense and I continued to use my skills. Then the contractions got really intense but I was able to adjust my skills throughout. Then the contractions got off the wall intense. It was challenging to use my skills but at least I felt in control. It was hard work to use my skills when the contractions were terrible but I was so grateful that I had the skills. Without them, I’d have freaked”.

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