Having First Birth

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Having First Birth
Birth Skills For Your Birth

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Every birth is different

This simple fact can help you understand that even if you’re having a 10th baby, you do not know what it will like. In other words, there is no way to know what your birth will be like!

This means, every woman is facing an Unknown.

Birthing Better families learned these skills to prepare for the Unknown and you should as well.

There’s nothing simpler. Birth is an Unknown until it unfolds.

We learn and use Birthing Better skills as we work through the ‘activity’ of birthing our baby no matter where we birth, who is present, our personal circumstances/beliefs/choices and no matter what happens to and around us at the birth.

Ideally, start around 24 weeks pregnant but if you’re 42 weeks+, then learn at least one skill because one skill is better than none.

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