Most Pregnant Women Will Labor

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Most Pregnant Women Will Labor
Birth Skills For Your Birth

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Certainly the Cesarean rate has risen since the 1970s to about 30%. Is there a way you can prevent a c-section if you labor? Yes.

  • Prepare your body for birth so you can create space for your baby to easily move down, through and out of your body.
  • Learn birth and birth-coaching skills so you cope, manage, work through, deal with, handle, stay on top and feel in control even if labor pains are very painful.

Labor is hard work. Labor contractions can also be very painful.

No one wants you to suffer in childbirth and they do want you and your baby to be healthy.

When you have the right skills then you’ll cope better and birth more effectively and not have a long 1st and 2nd Stage that is often the cause now for unplanned Cesareans.

Let’s get clear

There are real and necessary emergency Caesareans, however, the 30+% Cesarean rate does not indicate that all these c-sections were an emergency. Most are done because you don’t cope and look exhausted or labor goes on and on without progression.

Your skills can keep your labor progressing and you’ll cope well.

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