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In the late 1970s, the term for women who wanted to labor and have a vaginal birth was ‘Trial of Labor’. Natural Birth advocates hated that term and said: ‘Women aren’t on trial’. Yes, we are! We can’t get to the vaginal part without going through the ‘trial of labor’ … it’s bloody hard work!

As a father-to-be, your #1 role from a Birthing Better perspective is to help your pregnant partner prepare her body to open up for your baby. Your #2 job is to help her cope with the often intense naturally occurring pain of labor.

Luckily, Birthing Better skills were equally developed by fathers as well as mothers and based on our shared human body. You can help your pregnant partner achieve a VBAC because you’ve helped her open up, create space, and soften inside so it’s easier for your baby to move down, through and out. And, as she’s doing the ‘trial of labor’, you’ll know how to help her feel in control throughout.


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