External posted reviews

External posted reviews

The Pink Kit is now known as Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation. Underneath is a selection of numerous external and independent pink kit reviews.

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The Pink Kit evolved from VHS, cassette and book through DVDs, CDs and book all the way to the online learning available now.

Here’s an early review of Edition #2


Positive News (UK) NO. 29 AUTUMN 2001

‘At this summer’s Breath of Life conference, pioneer of natural birth, Michel Odent posed the question, “Can humanity survive obstetrics?” The answer to this question is an unequivocal ‘yes’ with the help of tools such as the Common Knowledge Trust’s new Pink Kit. Knowledge is power and nowhere more so than in the experience of childbirth. Knowledge of our body is perhaps one of the most valuable tools we can take into our experience of childbirth.

The Pink Kit is comprised of an interactive video, book and cassette. Gently and accessibly it takes each woman through a journey of discovery. It encourages the participant and her partner to understand, work with, and enhance the natural processes involved in the safe delivery of a healthy baby, helping her to overcome fear, reduce pain, and the need for medical intervention.

The resource offers effective exercises and carefully explain and demonstrate the journey the baby takes through the pelvis and techniques for relieving the four types of tension that hinder birth. Many of the positions, techniques and movements involve the partner leading to a mutually rewarding experience for both parents and baby.

The Common Knowledge Trust aims to encourage the diversity of health knowledge found in cultures around the world. The Trust is committed to the belief that the loss of our cultural knowledge is as significant as a loss of species or seed diversity. In 1998, Dr. Barbara Sibanda of the Trust’s Zimbabwe branch and the Director of the Traditional and Medical Clinic in Bulaweyo, held a gathering in a rural village in the south of the country. Barbara brought together traditional midwives,Government officials and modern medically trained Zimbabwean midwives. One hundred and twenty people came together to learn, share and rejoice in the consolidation of their collective knowledge and birth culture. An account of the gathering is available on the Common Knowledge Trust’s website.

The Pink Kit which has now been produced by the Trust is a gentle, warm, intimate and essentially brilliant, practical, and empowering course. The information in it is the common knowledge heritage of women and men of all cultures and it succeeds where some birth preparation course do not. It is a valuable resource for parents, midwives, childbirth educators, local libraries, bookshops or Natural Childbirth Trust groups.’

Birthing Better was previously known as Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method®. It’s now presented in online lessons. Look inside

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