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Childbirth skills for all births … Online Course


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The Pink Kit AwardBirthing Better


Why do you need to become skilled to birth your baby?

Sounds pretty funny and weird really. Women have given birth forever, therefore it makes sense that we all know how-to birth. Right? Wrong!

Why not?

Do you have a toddler? Being hungry is as much a physiological process as giving birth. Would you let your baby crawl or walk over to the nearest bush and pick a berry? Absolutely not!

Now think about this?

When you became sexually active (another physiological process) were you or your partner a really good lover right away? Don’t brag! In other words, natural physiological processes require high level of skills.

The difference between hunger and sex and giving birth is simple. You do the former two heaps and the latter is infrequent and infinitely more transforming for years and years to come.

How do you become skilled? Learn specific skills that prepare your pregnant body to give birth then learn/practice birth and birth-coaching skills that you commit to use throughout your baby’s birth journey. Birthing Better Childbirth skills for all online course has all the skills hundreds of fathers and mothers developed.

What can you do with these skills?

  • Reduce and prevent many of the reasons that ‘issues’ become ‘problems’
  • Reduce and prevent many of the reasons you’ll need more medical interventions
  • Feel more empowered
  • Be a better birth-coach
  • Have better life-long memories of your baby’s birth

What’s are the reasonable reasons you won’t choose to become skilled?

  • Too busy
  • Believe birth is normal and you’ll know how to birth instinctively
  • Believe where you birth will make your birthright
  • Believe your birth provider will take care of you with no effort on your part
  • Make your own list!

What’s the bottom line?

Very simple. During your baby’s birth, you will either choose to be passive to whatever is happening to or around you or you will choose to use one or more of your skills to work through your baby’s birth journey. Without skills you don’t really have a choice. When you have Birthing Better skills it feels natural to use skills and you’ll feel great making those moment-to-moment choices which skill/s you use.


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