Soft Birth Skills For All Births

Birthing Better Soft Skills Short Course



Every moment of birth provides an opportunity for you to use your Birthing Better Soft Skills. They are the glue that brings all your other skills together. Learn how to use your Birthing Better Soft Skills no matter where you birth, the type of birth you have, who is with you or what happens to or around you. In other words, your job is to ‘do’ the activity of birthing your baby. Birth is a very, very ‘active verb’.

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What are ‘soft skills’ in the Birthing Better skills-based childbirth preparation? For Birthing Better families these soft skills were the glue to the Body skills and Breathing, Communication and Touch. When we learn any specific skill we then have to use that skill appropriately, at the right time, in the right way, refine the skill as we use it and have a way to work with others who also know that skill.

In this course we’ll discuss why and how to use all your Birthing Better skills no matter the type of birth you have:

  • Labor and vaginal birth … in hospital or home, with an obstetrician or midwife as well as alongside and around all forms of medical ‘interventions’ or obstetrical care.
  • Labor and unplanned Caesarean … you’re still birthing your baby so you’ll want to know how to continue to use your birth and birth-coaching skills
  • Elective or planned non-laboring Caesarean … only you are birthing your baby so use your Birthing Better skills on way to hospital. while being prepped, during the surgery and with any post-operative discomforts
  • VBAC … you are much more likely to achieve your vaginal birth after one or multiple Caesareans if you’ve prepared your pregnant body to create space for your baby as well as learned excellent birth skills to stay in control of the natural occurring pain of contractions.

We’ll also show you how to use your Birthing Better skills no matter the place of your birth:

  • Hospital … most women in modern countries will give birth in hospital. Every hospital has different standards of care. Birthing Better skills will keep you grounded and focused on your task of birthing your baby. You’ll do this around all those diverse ‘standards of care’. Your birth provider will absolutely LOVE seeing you and your partner use birth and birth-coaching skills.
  • Home … more than anything, you want to have a successful homebirth as do your loved ones and your midwife. Please also consider that you have a responsibility to have a safe home birth on behave of your dedicated midwife. She will LOVE that you and your partner work effectively together to have a great and progressive home birth.
  • Birth Center or other … most of these ‘out of hospital’ maternity centers will only take low risk, normal pregnancy and births. You can reduce and prevent many of the causes of transport such as long and delayed 1st and 2nd stage and/or your inability to cope with natural pain of contractions.
  • Transfer to hospital … don’t skip a beat. Continue to use your Birthing Better birth and birth-coaching skills throughout your baby’s birth. That’s your ONLY job.

Pain and pain or Rush, Surge, Wave

Whatever you call the sensations you’ll experience during contractions you want to cope and manage those sensations. Sure some women feel very little or have sensations that are perfectly manageable. The vast majority of us find some phase of labor to be very, very intense! We’ll share the skills Birthing Better families developed to work through those sensations.


All Birthing Better skills were developed by fathers and mothers alike. This is your team! There are very specific teamwork skills both of you need to put into your bag of tricks. You’ll learn them. These are also Life skills. If you think birth is challenging, parenting is much more!


Sounds silly to talk about roles in childbirth but you might be surprised that you or your partner aren’t quite certain what your role, tasks and jobs are throughout your baby’s birth. We’ll show you what we’ve learned, why and how we make certain we’re doing our job the best we can.



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