Birthing Skills Specific for Successful VBAC



Birthing Skills Specific for Successful VBAC

Without a doubt, having the ‘choice’ to VBAC is step one. How do you plan on doing the activity of birthing your baby? Don’t let that be a strange question. 

Successful VBAC Skills

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12+ Hours

Without a doubt, having the ‘choice’ to VBAC is step one. How do you plan on doing the activity of birthing your baby? Don’t let that be a strange question. You know that giving birth is an activity you have to do whether you labored and then had an unplanned Cesarean or drove to hospital, got prepped and lay on a table having a c-section. Fill your time with the wonderful Birthing Better skills.

In reality, what Birthing Better gives you are the skills to prepare your pregnant body to open up, give your baby space and stay soft inside. When moms and dads developed all the Birthing Better skills in the early 1970s, the Caesarean rate was 4.5% so we developed skills to prevent one! And, to cope with the natural occurring pain of labor contractions.

You will be amazed what you didn’t know. You’ll be more amazed at how easy it is to create space inside your pregnant/birthing body!

Birthing Better families recommend you start as close to 24 weeks pregnant as possible so you have time to absorb these skills into your body but if you’re 40+ weeks then you have more motivation … get stuck in!

Start the very important Internal Work at 32 weeks.

Every Birthing Better skill developed to reduce or prevent issues from becoming problems as well as solve issues during birth that lead to more interventions … long 1st and 2nd Stage and you not coping well.

Birthing Better skills in this course are very targetted on you achieving your vaginal birth after a previous C-section. Make these skills your own.


  • Explore more about your deep urge to have a vaginal birth Lesson 1: Explore how you and other women feel about achieving a VBAC
  • Commit to your baby’s birth journey Lesson 2: Birthing Better families will show you how to have an empowered birth using your skills.
  • Discover why the two and three factors play an essential role in your VBAC birth in Lesson 3: You’ll be able to create a wonderful ‘Cheat Sheet’ to use at your birth.
  • Get to know your pregnant/birthing body in Lesson 4: You will know how to open your body to help your baby move down, through and out during your VBAC.
  • Add phenomenal breathing, touch and communication skills in Lesson 5: These skills further the teamwork you’re developing with your partner/other.
  • Improve your teamwork in Lesson 6: To get to the ‘vaginal part’ you have to do the hard work of the activity of giving birth even if unpleasant.
  • Find the commonality with the man/other in your life in Lesson 7: Birthing Better skills are based on our shared human body and behaviours.


“ Having a VBAC was the most important thing in my life. I failed, was devastated. and made my family miserable. We found this Birthing Better VBAC and never looked back. We probably would have avoided our previous two had we known and used these wonderful and astoundingly sensible skills”

Micah and Jacob

“My wife had had a cesarean with her first baby. Now we were pregnant … my first and she wanted a VBAC. Scared me. She went searching for something that would help me and ran across Birthing Better … just practical, hands-on, easy, common sense, realistic and usable. We were a brilliant team”


What was the most important thing I discovered about my body taking this course? That I could/should learn to mobilize my sacrum. I had felt my baby be stuck and now I had the skills to open up my pelvis. Phenomenal and powerful. I’m shocked Birthing Better skills aren’t known far and wide and promoted everywhere.”



Lesson 1 to 7

Ready to Learn Birthing Skills Specific for Successful VBAC

Without a doubt, having the ‘choice’ to VBAC is step one. How do you plan on doing the activity of birthing your baby? Don’t let that be a strange question. 

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