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Why do you want a VBAC? Will you feel more like a woman? Will a vaginal birth validate your belief in natural birth? Did you feel you were pressured to do something you now believe was unnecessary?

There are so many reasons why any woman is seeking to achieve a vaginal birth after a Caesarean. You’re reading this because you’re seeking for anything that will lead you to success. Your question to our Trust is simple? Why is your product different or better than other things like Lamaze, The Bradley Method, Pregnancy yoga, Active Birth, Hypnobirthing, Calm Birth, reading, classes, choosing where you birth and with whom or just trusting birth?

First … Use everything that makes sense and feels real. Birthing Better works well with every other method or way of thinking.

Second … Look at all the other methods. Do any of them offer you:

  • skills developed by fathers and mothers equally for their two equally important roles? Nope. Every method was developed by one person with one belief and viewpoint about birth instead of diverse families.
  • an absolute certainty that if you learn, practice and use your Birthing Better skills that you will empower yourself regardless of all circumstances.
  • skills to specifically prepare your pregnant body from 24 weeks onward as well as birth and birth-coaching skills?  Yes and no. Some methods focus more on preparation but not how-to birth while others focus more on what to do during birth but not on preparing.

Keep in mind

There is no woman who achieves a VBAC without first getting through the most challenging part of giving birth … dealing with the natural occurring pain of contractions. You do not want another c/s due to ‘failure to progress’ or your inability to stay on top of the pain.

You are highly motivated in your heart and mind but are you actually motivated to learn, practice and use birth and birth-coaching skills? Only a very small percent of women seeking a VBAC are truly motivated. What are the reasonable reasons you’ll give yourself and others for not bothering to learn and use skills? If you commit just 5-10 mins/day from 24 weeks onward or 15-20 minutes the closer you are to your birth then you’ll be highly skilled. What would you really give to achieve your VBAC? Time, money, effort? Or reasonable reasons why not!

Sometimes this happens

And yes, sometimes your path will take you to either an unplanned Caesarean after labor or a non-taboring c-section. Birthing Better families realized with a huge shock that each family got pregnant to have a baby not a ‘type’ of birth. This attitude was freeing. Why?

Once you know your focus is working through your baby’s birth journey then you’re free to use your Birthing Better skills whether you’re at home or hospital; whether you have a midwife or obstetrician; whether you have none or heaps of medical interventions.

Does this matter? Of course. You empower yourself because you birth your baby successfully.


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