Body Skills for Pregnancy and Birth



The simple reality about birthing your baby … he/she has to come down, through and out of your body. You have the ability to help this happen with skills!

Learn to create space inside your pelvis that can feel dramatically and be astounded! How did these skillls develop? From hundreds of mothers and fathers who spent time tryng to figure out how to prevent stuck babies and long 1st and 2nd Stages.

This online course focuses exclusively on the body-skills … one skill-set of Birthing Better Complete Skills.


  • Discover your pregnant/birthing body in Lessons 1-5: Create, mobility and space inside your body that both prepares your body for birth as well to use if your baby gets stuck. 
  • Apply your skills during labor contraction pain in Lesson 6: Using skills during labor contractions is a choice rather than becoming overwhelmed. Make that choice no matter what.
  • Learn to read your baby’s messages throughout birth in Lesson 7:  Never waste one contraction


“’If you had told me, as a man, that I could understand anything about a woman’s pregnant and birthing body I would have laughed. But Birthing Better skills are all about our shared body. I could feel all these exercises. This gave my wife confidence in my ability to help her birth our baby.”


“ What did I learn from this course? WOW! I learned to map my pelvis and understand why my babies were always posterior. Then my husband and I learned how to create space so I could birth posterior babies. In labor it was ALL about keeping my sacrum mobile”

Talia and Ed

I felt my baby get stuck in labor because the contractions stopped progressing. I could even feel where in my back, he was stuck. Thankfully we had learned  the hip lift and sacral movement, used them both and our son got unstuck and labor progressed. Brilliant!”



Lesson 1 to 7

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