Birth Breathing, Touch and Communication Short Course

Breathing, Communication and Touch Short Course



Learn the great Birthing Better breathing, communication and touch birth and birth-coaching skills. This short course is one of three short courses that together make up Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation.

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This ‘short course’ is one skill-set from our flagship Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course. Breathing, Communication and Touch are three of the great practical skills highlight and enhance our shared ‘common body language’ … the foundation of all Birthing Better skills.  Fathers and mothers like yourself developed all the skills for one purpose … to be able to work together through their baby’s birth journey no matter where the birth occurred, whomever was present and whatever happened. In other words, Birthing Better families committed to working through their baby’s process of being born because they were moving from ‘becoming’ to ‘being’ a father and mother.

Birth becomes the Gateway the mother and baby must do together no matter the circumstances. Hopefully the birthing mother’s partner/other will take the role of a capably skilled birth-coach. Sharing the same set of skills in breathing, communication and touch gives you abilities you never imagined. You will forever be grateful to yourselves by choosing to become highly skilled to birth your baby. And, you will WOW your birth provider and others present!

In the Breathing component you will learn:

  • The four ways all humans breathe
  • How to experience and experiment with each breathing pattern and variation
  • Which breathing patterns help you to relax and cope with internal and external sensations and experiences
  • Direct Breathing … how to place your breath throughout the inside of your body to create softness, mobility and space for your baby as well as reduce the sensations of pain or discomfort
  • Modeling the breath so your birth coach can help you maintain control and stay on top of the hard work of giving birth
  • Of course … MORE!

In the Communication segment you will discover:

  • The different usages of non-verbal communication
  • How the internal Mind can focus on one thing while you choose to couple your Mind/Body’s behavior independently. Simply stated … you can hate every single moment of the birth experience yet learn to choose to use your skills.
  • Great verbal and understood communication that’s simple and straightforward
  • How a birth-coaching dad/other can share the exact same communication understanding so they feel included, valued and deeply essential. In other words … know when to help, how to help and what to do.

In the Touch part you will experience:

  • How to separate the different layers of our human body and know which layers positively or negatively influence the birth journey
  • A method that creates deep and aware softening in specific parts of your body
  • Your ability to ‘cue’ internal softening to help dilate the cervix, reduce back labour pains, reduce other pains associated with surgical births as well as create internal space to assist your baby move down, through and out
  • A Life skill that can be used on your baby as well as each other to reduce tension and stress

The two other courses are: Body Skills Short Course and Soft Skills Short Course


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