Breech Online Birthing Class


Learn Birthing Better breech skills to prepare your body to create space for your baby which reduces and may prevent your baby from getting stuck which is the ‘risk’. Learn Birthing Better breech birth and birth-coaching skills to cope with the naturally occurring pain of contractions so you don’t end up with more interventions.

It only takes 5-15 minutes/day to learn these skills. REMEMBER: As a pregnant woman pick the skill you want to learn instead of following the order of this online birthing class and learn it. As a father-to-be/other pick the skill you want to learn as a birth-coach then learn it. THEN TEACH EACH OTHER! 


You’re pregnant with a breech baby. You’ve heard or read there are some risks. You might be spending time each day ‘spinning’ your baby, finding a provider who does The Webster technique. You might be trying acupuncture, homeopathics, and an EVC.

Or, you’re trying to find a birth provider who feels comfortable delivering your breech baby. Yet, you’re still feeling unsettled and we know why!

You need to learn skills for two reasons:

  1. Prepare your body to open up, create space and make room for your breech birth
  2. Have skills to cope, manage, work through, deal with, handle, stay on top of and feel in control throughout your birth.

Why do such skills help?

  1. By creating space inside your pregnant body, opening up, and make space then you reduce or prevent the risks that may occur if your birthing body is internally tight, tense, and can’t open up. You are going to learn from fathers and mothers who also had breech pregnancies and births. YOU’LL KNOW EXACTLY HOW!
  2. When you cope and manage the naturally occurring pain of labor contractions then we are less likely to have more interventions or an unnecessary Caesarean. Fathers and mothers who were just like you developed all the Birthing Better skills so they could birth safely and feel in control.
  3. You want to work together as a family! You want to know-how to achieve your breech birth safely! We’ll show you exactly what we did for our breech birth success.

How much time do you have to put into learning Birthing Better skills? 5-15 minutes/day. That’s all.

Warning, warning, warning!


  1. You’re pregnant … pick the skill you want to learn first and learn
  2. Father-to-be/other … pick the skill you want to learn first and learn
  4. Repeat!

You each have separate and important roles. Learn the skill you need to learn for your role then teach each other!

Then do what all Birthing Better mothers and fathers have always done … we use our skills throughout the activity of birthing our babies no matter where we birth, who is present, our beliefs or circumstances, our choices, the lack of choices, the choices that change or what happens to or around us. WE GOT PREGNANT TO HAVE A BABY NOT A TYPE OF BIRTH!

We always birthed our babies using our skills and we were empowered!