First Time Dads And Moms Online Birthing Class


Lots of first-time fathers and mothers developed Birthing Better skills in the early 1970s. We wanted to fill the gaps of Unknowing so we could experience our first birth with some level of confidence as birth unfolds.

All the skills are practical and easy to learn.  REMEMBER: Pick and choose which skill you want to learn both as a pregnant first-time mom and first-time father-to-be then teach each other. 


First Time Dads And Moms

You know nothing probably and most likely think there’s no way to know what to expect in your coming birth. We’ll make it simple. NO WOMAN KNOWS WHAT HER BIRTH WILL BE LIKE … because ‘There’s no way to know what the coming birth will be like’. Welcome to the Unknown!

Hundreds of fathers and mothers developed the Birthing Better skills. Women wanted to cope, manage, work through, deal with, handle, stay on top of, and feel in control as they did the activity of birthing their baby. Men wanted to help their baby’s mother to cope and not ‘suffer’.

Many of the skills were also developed under two Concepts:

  1. “Just in case’
  2. Every little bit helps’

We wanted to try to prevent and/or reduce any potential issues/risks that might become problems or problems becoming complex by using those two Concepts.

You’ll get all those skills!

Warning! Warning! Warning!


Pick what you want to learn as a pregnant woman

Pick what you want to learn as a birth-coach

Then teach each other. Repeat!

Each woman is having an individual experience that exists within our universal experience. 100% of pregnant women will give birth one way or another.

Every woman does the activity of birthing her baby alone and by herself. No one can do the birth for her and she can’t stop in the middle. GIVING BIRTH IS AN ACTIVITY!

Both of you need skills. That’s what you’re going to learn! There are heaps and extensive because birth is BIG, Life Transforming, Dynamic, A One-Off, Can’t Be Repeated, and Leaves Lifelong Memories!

You will birth better when you learn, practice then use your birth and birth-coaching skills. It’s that simple. It’s normal and natural to self-learn birth and birth-coaching skills when pregnant then use those skills as the activity of giving birth unfolds no matter where your birth takes place, who is present, your beliefs or circumstances, your choices, lack of choices or change of choices or what happens to or around you.

Giving birth is an activity. Do that activity with skills ‘Just in case’ you don’t know what it will be like and ‘every little bit helps’ when you have skills you can use as birth unfolds.