Hospital Online Birthing Class


It is what it is … you will birth in a hospital. If you’ve been there before, you know YOU are still the only person ‘doing’ the birth! You and you alone (hopefully with the help of your husband/partner/other birth-coach) are ‘doing’ birth. You’ll teach you the skills we’ve learned … because we (hundreds of fathers and mothers) developed them all in the US in the early 1970s.

We were pretty much all birthing in a hospital with NO choices like you have. That means Birthing Better skills work in all hospital births without exception. We know how to work with and around all ‘interventions’. We know how to work through the ‘activity’ of birthing our baby no matter what’s happening to or around us. You’ll know too!


Our hospital online birthing class entirely focuses on all types of hospital births.

Let’s think through what a hospital birth is.

  1. Your hospital is a place
  2. Your hospital has people working in it
  3. You’re going to go to a place where people work
  4. You’re going to do the activity of birthing your baby in that place and around some of the people who work there
  5. You may or may not like the place or what those people do to or around you
  6. With birth skills, you can focus on doing the activity of birthing your baby because you got pregnant to have a baby no matter where your birth takes place, who is present, your beliefs/choices/lack of/change of, or what happens to or around you.

In other words, the hundreds of Birthing Better fathers and mothers who developed all the Birthing Better skills claimed (not ‘re-claimed’) our own birthing empowerment because we used birth and birth-coaching skills when we birthed in hospital.