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WHAT: A private one on one consultation with the co-developer of Birthing Better skills with hundreds of fathers and mothers. She’s the Founder and Director of a New Zealand Charitable Trust, Common Knowledge, that houses all the Birthing Better skills.

HOW: We’ll either Zoom or Skype. You can record the session to review later. All your questions can be asked. Refine your Birthing Better skills.

WHY: Every pregnant woman has questions and sometimes gaps from previous birth experiences. The urge to understand and feel ready for your coming birth grows stronger every day.

What I hold is the historic use of all our Birthing Better skills and Birth Stories for the many thousands of Birthing Better families globally. I was asked to carry forward Birthing Better skills and create a self-learning resource for use in the privacy of one’s home full of skills that work in the birth you will have with your baby.

Purchase a personal Birthing Better consultation with Director of Common Knowledge Trust. Every consultation focuses entirely on you, your partner and your birth circumstances. The skills you’ll learn are unique and found in no other resource. Once you’ve made the purchase PLEASE CONTACT Wintergreen(AT) and we’ll set up a time and date.

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