Skills specifically for VBAC

Welcoming you

Lesson one

All Birthing Better families who wanted, worked toward and achieved a positive VBAC want to welcome you and your partner. The skills offered you come from hundreds of original families and now used by tens of thousands worldwide. We know these skills work because we’ve used, refined and improved them over the past 45 years.

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Your individuality matters

Lesson two

You are unique as is every woman. The reason for your previous Caesarean is unique to you. Explore your individuality before we lead you to our commonality. Where you birth, with whom and what happens to or around you is as part of your own circumstances as what happened in your Caesarean/s. What will be different now is that you will move from who you are to what we share as pregnant women who will give birth.

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Step into our commonality

Lesson three

When we become pregnant we are even more alike because 100% of us will give birth. We share the same body and prepare our body to open up, create space, be mobile and soft so our baby’s birth journey proceeds well. Birthing Better families wanted a shared set of effective skills that both women and men could use and understand. Working through our commonality is too often replaced by focus on our individuality.

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How-to prepare your pregnant body for birth

Lesson four

Birthing Better body skills are found in no other childbirth preparation method or course. Work through each video segment … lots of WOWs and laughs. Your body is so amazing. Do all these skills on your partner first so they can feel in their own body. This will help them know exactly how to help you. Feeling these skills in your partner’s body will also help you understand how to ask for help and know you’ll get it.

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Learn and practice birth skills

Lesson five

Preparing your body is one thing, learning how to work through the natural occurring pain of contractions is another. These are skills from the viewpoint of you, the birthing woman and from the viewpoint of your husband/other so they can truly help you birth effectively. Practicing doesn’t take much time and can be done while doing other things during your day. Practice not to be perfect but to perfect your skills.

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Journey toward the ‘vaginal’ part of birth

Lesson six

To get to the vaginal dream you must get through the hard work of labor … or the nightmare! In other words the essential skills of breathing, communication, touch, 5 phases of contractions, staying in the Now and negative/positive voice become the foundation for your ability to manage this natural occurring pain. Besides prepare your baby’s birth passage audio as well as a practice breathing audio.

(2 Audios, 7 eBooks, 2 Videos)

Fathers and VBAC

Lesson seven

Birthing Better skills were developed equally by fathers and mothers. You both share a job but need complimentary and useable skills for your two tasks. Remember Birthing Better skills were developed equally by fathers as well as mothers. This means you are as important and you will know the pride that comes from being highly skilled. Your partner will love you and birth professionals will love working with you.

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