Soft Skills Short Online Course

Soft Skills Short Online Course


Lesson One

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: An introduction to mothers and fathers-to-be.  Audio

  • Audio: Fathers-to-be Mp3
  • Audio: Being a great birth-coach Mp3
  • Audio: How birth skills invest you in  your birth experience Mp3
  • Video: Welcome to The Soft Birth Skills Online Course
  • PDF: Mother-to-be
  • PDF: Father-to-be
  • PDF: First time pregnancy/birth

You’ll discover how your Individuality and our Commonality interweave throughout pregnancy and birth.

Type and Place of Birth

Lesson Two

LISTEN and READ: Read the eBooks that interest. Also read the eBooks that might terrify you then you’ll learn why your birth skills work in every birth.

  • Audio: Can birth trauma be prevented Mp3
  • 4 PDFs: Hospital, Home, Birth Center and Transfer to hospital
  • 2 PDFs: Labor to vaginal birth, Labor to unplanned Caesarean
  • 2 PDFs: VBAC, VBAC to unplanned Caesarean
  • PDF: Elective or planned Caesarean
  • PDF: TABS … trauma after birth syndrome

The Twos and Threes of Everything

Lesson Three

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: Have you ever heard of creating two Birth Plans and why that’s important? Can you define the exact skills and roles of the three most important people at birth?

  • Audio: The importance of self-learning Mp3
  • Audio: Why skills in abundance Mp3
  • Video: A conversation
  • PDF: Two Birth Plans
  • PDF: Two Birthing Behaviors
  • PDF: Three Birth Roles
  • PDF: Three Birth Stories

Working with Tension

Lesson Four

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: Discover your 4 types of tension and how to reduce them. Recognize and create internal relaxation. Investigate the negative and positive birthing behaivors.

  • Audio: Building families with skills Mp3
  • Audio: Childbirth skills Mp3
  • Video: 4 Types of Tension
  • Video: Manage Your Tension
  • PDF: Tension
  • PDF: Relaxation
  • PDF: Teamwork

Pain, Pain, Pain

Lesson Five

LISTEN and READ:  While some women (yes it’s true) feel absolutely NOTHING during any contraction and are totally surprised when the baby arrives, on the other scale are many women who feel as though are going to die.

  • Audio: PAIN Mp3
  • Audio: Fathers and childbirth pain MP3
  • Audio: Pain Tolerance Tips Mp3
  • PDF: The Whys and Hows of Pain
  • PDF: Working with Pain

One more thing

Lesson Six

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: Prepare your baby’s birth passage (yes, your vagina!) in order to reduce and prevent a delay in 2nd stage or trauma to your body or your baby. Your empowerment comes from the choices you make in how you think, speak and behave.

  • Audio: Practice does not make perfect Mp3
  • Audio: The Internal Work Mp3
  • Video: Encouragement and Inspiration
  • PDF: The Importance of Being Practiced
  • PDF: Illustrations for the Internal Work + much more!