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All Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of mothers and fathers. This means there are a broad range of skills with great depth. Birthing families are nit-pickers. Every family wants the absolute best birth. Common Knowledge Trust has been committed to growing a skilled birthing population for all births. This means the resource has to honor, respect and address our individuality as well as bring you to the skills that are based on our shared and universal commonality … our pregnant and birthing body.

Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course is broken up into topics or lessons. For example, one lesson Two Birth Plans.

Inside each lesson you will find written material, video and audio where applicable. For example: Body Skills lessons will have a number of video segments focusing on individual skills as well as eBooks.

Work through the skills in your own way:

  • You can pick and choose what interests you most and only learn one or two skills. For example, you might want to focus on breathing skills or your partner might want to focus on Teamwork.
  • You might be a person who loves order in which case go through each topic in the order suggested yet work through only the resources that suit you. For example, you’re planning a home birth and have no interest in how to use your skills in a hospital birth but you’re terrified you might transfer and want to know how to keep using your skills if your birth has unwanted and unplanned medical interventions.
  • If you want to fill your gaps or interests then work through the diverse skills as best suits you. For example, you’ve given birth before but want to enjoy a deeper level of being skilled and want to know about the 5 Phases of contractions so you can stay in control throughout each one.

Click on any segment down below for access to the cover, table of contents and excerpt samples of each lesson.

There are only 5 types of birth. You may do everything you can to choose the birth type you would like however there’s no way to know how your birth will unfold.

You can influence the type of birth you have by how skilled you are. That makes common sense. No matter the type of birth, you still need to do the activity of birthing therefore skills become a significant factor to your satisfaction and positive birth experience.

Inside the first lesson are 6 eBooks. Read the eBook on the TYPE of birth you are planning and pick out the eBook of the birth you might have or afraid you will experience.


Type of birthFind the table of contents and the excerpt of each eBook below:

You will give birth someplace. You might choose the place you birth and like it or not. You might birth in an unexpected and unplanned venue and like it or not.

As you work through your Birthing Better skills you will come to understand that while where you birth will impact how you feel and also what happens to and around you, your skills are much more important.

Your skills will always become your focus, the basis of your behaviors and your ability to work through your baby’s birth journey. Once you fully understand this concept then you’ll feel more comfortable with where you’ll birth.

Place of birth include 5 eBooks, read the eBook on WHERE you plan, or where you might birth if circumstances change.

Where you birthFind the table of contents and the excerpt of each eBook below:

How much did you think about The Birth or what you might do to prepare? Did you find yourself thinking more about being a parent? Did you have a strong idea of what type of birth you wanted? And the question Birthing Better families asked themselves was simple yet had a profound impact on their lives.

How did the woman plan on ‘doing’ The Birth? Simple question but not often asked before pregnancy or during pregnancy. It’s similar to making choices about what to buy your baby and have very little idea of how you are going to do the day by day parenting.

Choice is one thing. Having skills is quite a different approach. Learn about our commonalities during pregnancy and birth. Because you are pregnant you have joined an exclusive group.

If you’re pregnant, you will go through a childbirth experience. There’s no way to know what that experience will be like. Childbirth is quite complex yet very simple.

There’s a Time factor of when you birth and how long the birthing activity is. There’s the factor of what will happen to you and around you. There’s also the issue of what others do or don’t do to you.

Every Birth Story told tries to explain to others and even yourself what exactly happened and how you feel about your baby’s birth. For the vast majority of women and men thinking about the impact of being skilled or doing birth without skills isn’t part of the present conversation.

You are in a very small, proactive group of families who have decided that being skilled matters. Good!

Every woman and every father wants their baby’s birth to be positive for both the mother and child. No one wants to feel out of control or to have an unfortunate outcome.

Here’s the stark Truth. You may have no control over the outcome, however, you can always have control and stay on top of how you manage and cope with the experience of giving birth.

This is why your skills are so essential. You know this already. Any time in Life you are faced with both good and challenging circumstances, you feel more confident and better when you feel skilled.

There are a few powerful transitions in Life: being born, puberty, giving birth and dying. Of course there are many more powerful transitions in every person’s life that come from their own uniqueness such as: having a younger sibling, getting your driver’s license, being able to vote, getting married or divorced, winning the lottery and many, many, many more.

However the one’s we share in common across all cultures, religions and politics are the first four. That means we share a commonality that reaches well beyond our individuality.

This simple Truth is the basis of how hundreds of unique mothers and fathers could create a universal set of skills to prepare for birth during pregnancy and skills to birth our babies.

Our first pregnancy is a remarkable experience. Our first birth is this huge event that comes between our first pregnancy and being a first-time mother and father.

Basically from day 1 until our children are grown we are influenced by our first pregnancy and first birth.  Is it possible for a first-time mother and father-to-be to become skilled birthing women and men? Absolutely. The reason most don’t is simple … no one connects birth with skills.

Birth is connected with ‘choices’ but not being skilled. Pregnancy is connected to feelings and things but not becoming skilled. We want you to change this conversation. Pregnancy is the Time to prepare for your first birth. Your first birth is as unknown as any other birth and you can become as skilled to birth and coach your first birth as anyone else.

Just do it.

Here’s the chicken and the egg affect of pregnancy and birth. Are we more impacted by looking forward to The Birth or looking back?

Without a doubt, the memories of our children’s births phenomenally impact our lives more than looking forward. Here’s why. Imagining what our birth will be like is just hope, wish and imagination. Looking back is our Reality. Birthing Better families want to look back on their baby’s birth with dignity and pride.

Birth skills often make the difference between having positive birth memories or unpleasant ones.