Terrified of Giving Birth Story

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Terrified of Giving Birth Story

‘I am writing this letter to tell you of my experience of The Pink Kit and how the information I learned from this helped me to have the most wonderful and empowering birth. I can say this because I was absolutely TERRIFIED ABOUT GIVING BIRTH.I gave birth 7 months ago to my first child. He was born after 8 hours of labor during which time I was able to relax and internalize the pain of labor and turn it into a positive pain with each contraction being a step further towards meeting my child. It really helped speed up the whole process with the midwife using a ‘hip lift’ (one of the bodywork moves learned on the course), taking, I believe, hours off the birth (I went from 5cm to pushing in about 10 minutes!! after the lift).

The internal work I believe also made the pushing part alot easier and quicker (although it felt like hours at the time, it was only 45 minutes) and I had no stitches.
When anyone ever asks me about my birth I cannot shut up. I had such an amazing and confidence building experience and I feel very lucky to have learned the information in The Pink Kit’. I can tell every terrified moms-to-be that you can manage labor pain. Learn the skills!’

Blessed from day one

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