Vaginal birth after cesarean

More and more pregnant women are seeking to have a VBAC. They come to this decision either from having an acknowledged necessary Caesarean or one perceived of as being ‘unnecessary’. Birthing Better skills first focus on how you can specific prepare your pregnant body. Being able to open, create mobility in your pelvis, know how to soften inside your body and read your baby’s message in regards to what positions and postures you take will improve your ability to help your baby move down, through and out of your birthing body. The second focus of Birthing Better gives you an in-depth set birth and birth-coaching skills so that you can work through each of the 5 phases of every contraction.

VBAC success

VBAC success

Are you planning and wanting a VBAC? Does that come from a previous medically necessary Caesarean or from an unplanned, unwanted and perhaps unnecessary...

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