Birthing Skills Specific for Successful VBAC

Birthing Skills Specific for Successful VBAC

Welcoming you

Lesson one

LISTEN: Birthing Better fathers and mothers alike developed all these skills when VBAC was unheard of. They were the brave, courageous, determined and focused families. They are sharing with you all their skills.

  • Audio: Introduction to the Art of successful VBAC Mp3
  • Audio: Why women want a VBAC Mp3
  • Audio: I’m desperate for a VBAC Mp3
  • Audio: Will a VBAC harm my baby Mp3
  • Audio: Can I have a VBAC after multiple Caesareans Mp3
  • Audio: Why Obstetricians want women to have a VBAC Mp3

Your individuality matters

Lesson two

LISTEN and READ:  The reason for your previous Caesarean is unique to you. Explore your individuality before we lead you to our commonality. The skills that are the foundation for our commonality lead to increased VBAC success.

  • Audio: The journey forward to VBAC success Mp3
  • Audio: The missing element for a successful VBAC Mp3
  • Audio: Best way to achieve a VBAC Mp3
  • PDF: From labor to unplanned Caesarean
  • PDF: Vaginal birth after a Caesarean
  • PDF: From planned VBAC to unplanned Caesarean
  • PDF: TABS … trauma after birth

Step into our commonality

Lesson three

READ: When we become pregnant we are even more alike because 100% of us will give birth. We share the same body and prepare our body to open up, create space, be mobile and soft so our baby’s birth journey proceeds well. Birthing Better families wanted a shared set of effective skills that both women and men could use and understand. Your individuality is so interlinked to our commonality.

  • PDF: Two Birthing Behaviors
  • PDF: Make Two Birth Plans
  • PDF: Three Births
  • PDF: Three Birth Roles

How-to prepare your pregnant body for birth

Lesson four

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: Your pregnant/birthing body is so amazing. Do all these skills on your birth-coaching partner first so they can feel in their own body. They will then know your pregnant/birthing body.

  • Audio: 3 dimensional object … the final journey Mp3
  • Video: Discover your Bony Pelvis
  • Video: Work with your Bony Pelvis
  • Video: Work with your Soft Pelvis
  • Video: Position your Birthing Body
  • Video: Position Birthing Body 2
  • Video: The Original Colour Coded Pink Kit eBook
  • PDF: Color Coded Original Pink Kit eBook
  • PDF: Body Structure Overview
  • PDF: Work with Your Bony Structure
  • PDF: Soft Pelvis
  • PDF: Body Positions


Breathing, Communication and Touch

Lesson five

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: All the skills you and your partner need about breathing techniques, communication and touch. Learn about your two inner voices. Practice your skills while doing other daily tasks until you’ve ‘perfected’ them. Then use your skills to birth your baby.

  • Audio: The Importance of Being Practiced Mp3
  • Video: Work with your Breathe
  • Video: Right Touch
  • PDF: Practice … YES!
  • PDF: Sustainable Breathing
  • PDF: Directed Breathing
  • PDF: Communication
  • PDF: Right Touch
  • PDF: Positive/Negative Voice


Journey toward the ‘vaginal’ part of birth

Lesson six

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: To get to the vaginal dream you must get through the hard work of labor … or the nightmare! In other words the essential skills of breathing, communication, touch, 5 phases of contractions, staying in the Now and negative/positive voice become the foundation for your ability to manage this natural occurring pain. Besides prepare your baby’s birth passage audio as well as a practice breathing audio.

  • Audio: Pain and You Mp3
  • Audio: Birth Journey Mp3
  • Audio: The Internal Work Mp3
  • Video: 4 Types of Tension
  • Video: Work with Tension
  • PDF: How’s and Why’s of Pain
  • PDF: Working with Pain
  • PDF: Tension
  • PDF: Relaxation
  • PDF: Progressing Labor
  • PDF: 5 Phases of Contractions and Bell Shaped Curve
  • PDF: Staying in the NOW

Fathers and VBAC

Lesson seven

LISTEN and READ: Birthing Better skills were developed equally by fathers and mothers. You both share a job but need complimentary and useable skills for your two tasks. Remember Birthing Better skills were developed equally by fathers as well as mothers. This means you are as important and you will know the pride that comes from being highly skilled. Your partner will love you and birth professionals will love working with you.

  • Audio: Exceptional skilled birth-coach dad Mp3
  • Audio: How can I best support my wife having a VBAC Mp3
  • Audio: My wife wants a VBAC and that scares me Mp3
  • PDF: Fathers-to-be