Online Birthing Classes

About Birthing Better Online Birthing Classes:

You will learn a broad range of effective, practical and simple to use birth preparation as well as birth and birth-coaching skills. All the skills have been developed by fathers and mothers and used in every type of birth. Finally … birth skills that work in every type of birth which means …. YOURS!

Here’s our Birthing Better ‘screaming-out-loud’ Secret toward your positive birth … learn the skills, practice enough to feel confident with them THEN use your skills throughout your baby’s birth no matter the circumstances without exception. THIS IS YOUR BABY’S BIRTH!

Complete Birthing Better Skills

All Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of fathers and mothers. Learn from this collective wisdom how-to prepare your pregnant body for birth as well as effective and adaptable birth and birth-coaching skills.

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Successful VBAC Skills

Without a doubt, having the ‘choice’ to VBAC is step one. How do you plan on doing the activity of birthing your baby? Don’t let that be a strange question.

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Breathing, Communication and Touch

Birth demands good breathing patterns that adjust, adapt and are sustainable. Your body responds to internal sensations and everything that happens around you.

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Birthing Better Soft Skills

These soft skills help you create both a Skills-Based Birth Plan along with your conventional one, clearly understanding the three roles in birth or learning how to recognize and choose positive birthing behaviours instead of negative ones.

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Body Skills

The simple reality about birthing your baby … he/she has to come down, through and out of your body. You have the ability to help this happen with skills!

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Personal Birthing Better Consultations

A private one on one consultation with the co-developer of Birthing Better skills with hundreds of fathers and mothers. She’s the Founder and Director of a New Zealand Charitable Trust, Common Knowledge, that houses all the Birthing Better skills.

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