What are the goals of Common Knowledge Trust

In 1996 Birthing Better Pink Kit skills were placed into one branch of a New Zealand registered charitable Trust … Common Knowledge Trust.

These amazing birth and coaching skills were developed by hundreds of ordinary families like yours in the early 1970s. Every family was unique yet each wanted to find skills they could use to birth their baby in whatever type of birth unfolded. This means The Pink Kit is a complete set of birth and coaching skills from which you can pick and choose to learn and use.

Common Knowledge Trust was tasked by the Pink Kit families with two jobs:

  1. To promote a skills-based approach to all pregnancies and every birth because this reflects all Pink Kit families. They want you to have the skills for a better birth for your baby.
  2. To create a resource for you to learn and practice in the privacy of your own home. Pink Kit families wished to self-learn these skills, rather than others teaching them or doing the skills on them.

Pink Kit families invite you to join tens of thousands of other Pink Kit families to:

  • Totally enjoy preparing your pregnant body to become a birthing body.
  • To learn, practice and use your birth skills and birth coaching skills during you and your baby’s birth journey.

Pink Kit families want you to be able to do what they have done … to focus more on what you ‘do’ rather than just what ‘happens’ to you. The Pink Kit teaches self-knowledge, which expands awareness and consciousness of the pregnant and laboring body. You will approach your time of birthing with increased confidence and you will feel empowered both during and after your birth because of the skills you know and have used.