Birthing Better Online Birthing Classes

Choose which of our 5 Birthing Better online courses fit your unique pregnancy and coming birth. All Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of ordinary moms and dads in the early 1970s and used by tens of thousands families world wide.

Each online birth class is full of easy to learn birth and birth-coaching skills. Learn online or download any module you want. Each online birthing class has hand-outs (modules), audio and video.

Birthing Better families wanted skills for their birth. We answered the question: ‘What about me?’ This means you will find the right skills for you to learn.

Pick and choose which skills YOU, as a pregnant woman, want to learn. There is no order.

Pick and choose which skills YOU, as a birth-coach want to learn. There is no order.

Then teach each other what you’ve learned.

All Birthing Better skills are based on our human, shared universal body. We all blink, cough and can tighten up our muscles.

Our baby is a big object that has to come out of our body. If you labor and have a vaginal delivery, you will learn to prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body. And, you’ll learn birth and birth-coaching skills so you cope, manage, work through, deal with, handle, stay on top of and feel in control throughout the activity you do with your baby.

If you have an unplanned C-section, keep using your skills while being prepped and during surgery. This is your baby’s birth.

If you are planning an elective Cesarean, enjoy preparing your body to feel more involved and closer to your baby and partner. Then use your Birthing Better skills on the way to your hospital, while being prepped and during surgery.

Birthing Better families want to give you this message: We get pregnant to have a baby not a type of birth. Giving birth is always an activity we do together with our baby. We birth better when we use skills to do that activity.

Start now. Enjoy the learning journey. Have fun and welcome to our Birthing Better family.

Pregnancy Blog

What BIG change occurs about 24 weeks of pregnancy? You begin to focus on Birth. Start to prepare your pregnant body for your coming birth and learn birth and coaching skills

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Birth Blog

What do all pregnant women share? 100% will give birth one way or another. no matter where birth occurs, who is present, type of birth or circumstances. Birth better with skills.

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Fathers-to-be Blog

Are you thinking to yourself? ‘What does she want?’ And, ‘How can I help?’ You’re in the right place because Birthing Better skills were developed by fathers for other fathers.

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Birth Professional

Can all expectant families learn, then use birth skills in all types of birth? YES! You play an essential role to inspire families to become skilled. Enjoy working with skilled families

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Our Complete Birth Skills online class has 3 skills-sets:

  1. Body skills to prepare your body and create space for your baby. These can be used in labor to keep it moving along
  2. Breathing, Touch and Communication so you have adaptable breathing skills, the right touch as well as non-verbal and verbal skills so you feel understood
  3. Soft skills such as teamwork, negative/positive voice, 5 phases of contractions, staying in the NOW, 2 Birth Plans, 2 Birthing Behaviours and much more

Our VBAC online birthing classes gives you the same 3 skills-sets specific to achieve a successful vaginal birth after a Cesarean.

Then we’ve broken up these 3 skill-sets into 3 short online birthing classes. You might only want to learn the body skills or the breathing, communication and touch or the soft skills which just plan improve how you birth.

Your choice. You will never, ever regret using birth and birth-coaching skills in your baby’s birth.

Birthing Better Complete Birth Skills

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Successful VBAC Skills

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Body Skills for Pregnant and Birth

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Breathing, Communication and Touch Skills for Birth

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Self Learning Soft Skills for Pregnant and Birth

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Birthing Better Knowledge

Step 4 Heroine Journey Pregnancy Birth


From the moment of conception something magical happens. You start on your own, unique Heroine’s Journey

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Giving Birth


The secret Birthing Better families want you to know. We always birth our babies using skills.

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Two Birth Plans


From the moment of conception, you take the first step on your Hero’s Journey

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Birth Professional

Birth Professionals

Enjoy working alongside self-learning skilled birthing mothers and fathers you’ve encouraged to learn.

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