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It’s now Time to grow skilled birthing families for EVERY type of birth no matter where the birth takes place, who is present or what happens to or around the woman, baby and family.


Our Trust provides online courses full of practical and simple skills developed by hundreds of fathers and mothers like yourself. Learn in the privacy of your own home.


Start around 24 weeks of pregnancy. Learn a little at a Time. You can practice most of the skills while doing other Life stuff. Then use your skills throughout your baby’s birth journey no matter how it unfolds.


Vaginal Birth After Caesarian (VBAC) Courses

About this course

Over 30% of all birthing women will have a caesarean. Increasingly more women are seeking to achieve a vaginal birth after cesarean for subsequent births. With equal parts hope and desperation you want to know how to achieve a successful VBAC

The Common Knowledge Trust created this series of self-learning resources, empowering you to have a more conscious child birth.

Learn the skills to prepare your pregnant body to become an effective birthing body.
* Gain the confidence to help your baby move down, through and out your birthing body.
* With exceptional birth and birth-coaching skills you’ll stay on top of and in control of your birth journey no matter where, with whom or what happens to or around you.
* To avoid another Caesarean delivery, you must get through the hard part of labor in order to have the vaginal experience. Prepare your body in the right way so your baby doesn’t get stuck. Learn, practice and use very effective birth and birth-coaching skills. You will then have the capability to cope, manage and deal with all the internal and external sensations you will experience. Become a conscious birthing woman with a highly skilled birth-coaching partner.

“I did it! After 3 previous cesareans, I gave birth vaginally to my daughter. It was the greatest challenge of my life. I tell everyone about this course.” –Connie

The Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Course

About This Course

The Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Course gives you the essential skills to prepare for birth and birth/coaching. (mention something about development since the 70s)

Birthing Better is not just for child-bearing mothers. These skills were developed for their partners and other members of the family as well. Almost everyone in the family are essential to the birth process. You can learn and practice all these lessons at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. The skills that you will learn in this course will empower you to take active participation in a have a memorable and conscious childbirth.

Birthing Better (previously known as Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method®) was voted by online consumers as the BEST PREGNANCY RESOURCE 2012 by

“I am so grateful for the extensive set of Birthing Better skills that my husband and I could learn together. We have no doubt that these skills led us to a successful vaginal birth and prevented a cesarean delivery.” –Priya

Childbirth preparation Methods & skills that will work for you!

The enjoyment of learning & preparing for labor

Our New Zealand registered charitable Trust, Common Knowledge was entrusted with the precious CHILDBIRTH PREPARATION SKILLS and extensive birth and birth coaching skills developed by hundreds of families in the early 1970s and used in EVERY TYPE of birth. All these skills are presented to you in a set of EASY TO LEARN lessons with mixed media.

You will learn very specific skills to prepare your pregnant body for the birth of your baby based on a wonderful and simple shared, COMMON BODY LANGUAGE. Click here to PEEK inside all the lessons. Then you will be guided through effective birth and birth coaching skills that will work for you no matter where or with whom you birth or the circumstances.

Whether you have a non-laboring Caesarean, an unexpected Caesarean after labor, have a highly medical labor and vaginal birth or a NATURAL BIRTH in hospital or home Birthing Better skills will provide you focus and give you a deep and satisfying connection to yourself, each other and your baby’s birth journey.

We all seek a positive, safe and empowered birth. Being a skilled birthing mother and birth coaching father/other you are GUARANTEED to have an exceptional birth experience. You and your baby deserve THE BEST.

Please start from 24 weeks onward.

In the Birthing Better resource you will …

Common Knowledge Trust is committed to growing a skilled birthing population worldwide. ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of the Birthing Better childbirth preparation course return to the Trust to further our goals and objective.

Birthing Better was voted by CONSUMERS through as the very best Pregnancy and Childbirth Preparation resource in 2012.

The Birthing Better resource is your personal TEACHER for use in the privacy of your own home. You will be learning skills tried and tested by tens of thousands of Birthing Better families for the past 45 years.

Learn at your own pace. Follow the lessons or pick and choose which childbirth skills you need for your unique situation.

These phenomenal child birth skills are ACCESSIBLE to everyone, work well with all other skills-based techniques yet provide incredibly UNIQUE SKILLS found in no other childbirth preparation resource. Your Birthing Better skills also will work well with all birth providers and will lead you toward a positive and enriched birth experience. All proceeds from the sale of Birthing Better resources return to our charitable not-for-profit.

Common Knowledge Trust
Investigate and focus on your unique pregnancy and birth situation and how Birthing Better skills will work for you no matter where you birth, what type of birth you plan, want or fear.
Discover our ‘Common Body Pregnancy Skills’ that create space for your baby,  help you soften inside your body that will make birth safer, more progressive and less traumatic for you and your baby.
Develop, share and effectively use in pregnancy and in your birth a ‘Common Body Language’ that builds confidence and competency in birthing mothers and coaching fathers.
Delight in learning adaptable and sustainable Directed Breathing skills to be used with Deep Touch Relaxation that cues internal body relaxation.
Develop non-verbal and verbal ‘Common Communication Skills’ that give you and your partner/other excellent Teamwork skills to work through your baby’s birth journey.
Increase your positive management and coping behaviors as you work with your exceptional birth/coaching skills that also decrease your negative birthing behaviors.
Expand the way you approach your coming birth by creating both a conventional Birth Plan and a Skills-based Birth Plan and fully understand the 3 roles in childbirth.
Attune your ability to practice your birth and coaching skills during your ordinary daily activities so they will become second nature for use as your birth unfolds.
Learn how to work through each of the 5 Phases of every contraction, recognize effective contractions so you will always feel in control throughout your birth.
Learn to apply your skills that will increase your inner relaxation and decrease internal tensions as you work through the natural occurring pain of birth.
Be guided exactly how to prepare your baby’s birth passage in order to prevent or reduce trauma to yourself or baby during 2nd stage of birth.
Take the fear out of your birth with Mindfulness skills that keep you in the Now and able to get into the Flow even if you hate the experience.

Learn the tried and true skills that MAKE BIRTH SAFER for you and your baby, that give you and your partner the confidence to FACE THE UNKNOWN of your coming birth, that KEEP YOU IN CONTROL and on top of your birth experience no matter the circumstances and creating Life-long POSITIVE BIRTH MEMORIES because you and your partner/other WORK TOGETHER through your baby’s birth journey.

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It`s all about skills

The Birthing Better skills have been developed over 40 years with countless families. What you will find today is an extensive and in depth collection of the most effective techniques and skills to help you gain greater control of your body and give you confidence on your birth journey. If you’ve ever wondered … ‘How do I birth?’ or ‘What can I do during the birth?’ or ‘How can I help my partner give birth?’ or ‘I want to know how to birth’ … then Birthing Better skills are for YOU.

When to start learning

Ideal start preparing your pregnant body around 24 weeks but if you’re reading this at 40 wks+ don’t fret … pick and choose the skills you want RIGHT NOW!

The online course is specifically set up to address your unique and individual situation such as what type of birth you are planning and where you want to birth. Then you can PICK AND CHOOSE which skills you want to learn and in what order. You might be fascinated about creating more space inside your body for your baby … so start with the Body Skills segments.

But there are SO many skills!

You bet there are! Preparing your body to give birth is simple when you have the right skills but it’s so essential. You’re giving your baby the best possible birth when you become skilled.

If you think for a moment that taking care of a baby doesn't require heaps of diverse skills then think twice. Preparing for birth and learning birth and birth coaching skills is far simpler … only 5-15 minutes every day or two. Yes there are heaps of skills and you might not use all of them but every one has been important to some birthing family at some point.

There are many reasons why expectant mothers and fathers learn skills. No matter your reason you can fill the Time it takes to birth your baby with skills that will leave you feeling incredibly empowered. Time is both your friend and enemy. Without skills you are likely to feel overwhelmed, out of control, passive and disconnected. With skills every single inhale and exhale can be skilled. Every position or posture can have an intent. Knowing exactly how to cope, manage, deal with, work through and experience birthing your baby changes birth from something that happens to you to something you know you did well. That was the goal of every single Birthing Better mother and father … to birth their baby well.