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The Importance Of Being An Effective irth-Coach

CAVEAT: This course specifically targets the person being the ‘birth coach’ and is an addition to the Birthing Better Complete Birth Skills. All Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of fathers and mothers.

A birth coach can be a man or a woman or a group.

‘Who’ is not as important as ‘why’ you need to have the skills to be a good birth coach.

The only caveat about ‘who’ should be the birth coach is simple. If you’re going to be at birth … know how to help a woman cope and manage.

If you’re going to be in the baby’s life after birth, you’re a better birth coach than someone you hire.

If you’re going to hire someone, such as a doula, teach them the skills you’re learning and have them work with you using the skills you know alongside any they bring.

‘How’ to be a good birth coach is also simple. Become skilled, which takes between 5-15 minutes/day or two for no more than 16 weeks (about how long it takes to learn to drive a car safely and pass a road test). You just have to believe it’s important for you to learn birth coaching skills. It is BIG TIME important because being a birth-coach is part of being a father, friend, or relative.

‘What’ skills are important? This course is one set of skills. They are unique because they were developed by fathers and mothers for their two separate and important tasks. Being at any birth is an honor and privilege. Helping a woman work through the activity of birthing a baby is a task you need simple and effective skills to do.

No birth professional will stop you from using birth-coaching skills. They will admire and compliment you. In fact, they wish every birthing woman was using skills and every birth-coaching dad or others felt confident to help the woman work through giving birth. They see so few of either.

Why are there so few skilled birthing women and birth coaching dads? The present childbirth trend focuses on making a Birth Plan and ‘choices’ rather than on skilled competency.

But skills are what you ‘do’ and ‘use’. Choices are what you ‘want’ and ‘hope’ for. 

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