Successful VBAC Birth Skills

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Successful VBAC Birth Skills

CAVEAT: As the pregnant woman find which skills you want to learn first, learn them. As the birth-coach, find what skills you want to learn first. Then teach each other. All Birthing Better skills were equally developed by fathers and mothers. The only skills to learn together are the body skills and Internal Work.

  • Learn body skills (COMPONENT #1) to prepare your pregnant body to become an effective birthing body. Do these skills on your birth-coach first. Once they ‘feel’ in their own body, they will know exactly what to do to create space, openness, and mobility in your body.
  • Enhance your breathing, touch, and communication skills (COMPONENT #2) so you work together brilliantly for your two roles
  • Tie all these skills together with all the ‘soft skills’ (COMPONENT #3) so you keep your labor progressing toward a successful VBAC

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