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Birthing Better Complete Birth Skills

Your Birth, Your Way: Discover the Secrets in Our Online Birthing Class. The ORIGINAL SET OF birth and coaching SKILLS in $150

Complete Online Birthing Class


The ORIGINAL SET OF birth and coaching SKILLS


Start from 24 weeks onwards to prepare your body for birth


Start at 32 weeks to prepare your baby’s birth canal


Pick and choose which skills you want for your birth


Work with all forms of medical assessments, monitoring, and procedures




This is YOUR baby’s birth. You’ll birth better being skilled


We’ve used  Birthing Better skills in our 5 births. Every skill is important yet not every skill is used in each birth. Having such a broad range of skills is comforting because you’ll be able to choose which skill is best at any moment.”

Martin and Cass

“I was one of the original dads who developed these birth-coaching skills. No one sat down and said: ‘What skills do we want’? Instead, we figured out what worked in our births and then remembered, shared, and refined those skills. It’s worth becoming a great birth-coach”


“ We loved learning these skills in pregnancy together. We had fun, lots of WOW moments, and grew our confidence and capabilities. The skills were unbelievable really. We felt we were so in sync. This feeling has lasted throughout our relationship.”

Joanna and Roberto


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Course Contents

Pregnancy, Birth And You Mp4
  • Read Me First PDF
  • Before Pregnancy PDF
  • Mother-to-be PDF
  • Father-to-be PDF
  • First Pregnancy PDF
  • Childbirth PDF
  • Positive Birth PDF
  • After Your Birth PDF
Birth Type Mp4
  • Labor To Vaginal Birth PDF
  • Labor To Cesarean PDF
  • VBAC To Cesarean PDF
  • Planned Cesarean PDF
  • Traumatic Birth PDF
Place Of Birth Mp4
  • Hospital Birth PDF
  • Homebirth PDF
  • Birth Center PDF
  • Unassisted Homebirth PDF
  • Transfer To Hospital PDF
Twos And Threes Mp4
  • Teamwork PDF
  • Two Birth Plans PDF
  • Three Birth Roles PDF
  • Three Births PDF
  • Birthing Behaviors PDF
Map Your Pelvis Mp4
  • Body Skills Overview PDF
  • Original Pink Kit Book PDF
  • Color-coded Original Pink Kit Book Mp4
Your Bony Pelvis Mp4
  • Bony Structure PDF
  • Discover Your Bony Pelvis Mp4
  • Work With Your Bony Pelvis Mp4
Your Soft Tissue Pelvis Mp4
  • Soft Pelvis PDF
  • Work With Your Soft Pelvis Mp4
The Internal Work How-to Mp3
  • The Internal Work How-to Mp3
Breathing, Communication And Touch Mp4
  • Sustainable Breathing PDF
  • Directed Breathing PDF
  • Birth Journey Practice Mp3
  • Verbal And Non-Verbal PDF
  • Touch PDF
  • Positive And Negative Voice PDF
  • Work With Your Breath Mp4
  • Right Touch Mp4
  • Massage Mp4
Tension And Relaxation Mp3
  • Tension PDF
  • Relaxation PDF
  • Manage Tension And Relaxation Mp4
  • Four Types Of Tension Mp4
Body Positions Mp4
  • Body Positions PDF
  • Position Your Birthing Body Mp4
Pain Mp4
  • Whys And Hows Of Pain PDF
  • Working With Pain PDF
  • Childbirth pain Mp3
  • Childbirth Pain Tips Mp3
  • Fathers As Great Birth Coach Mp3
Progression Of Labor Mp4
  • Progression Of Labor PDF
  • 5 Phases Of Contractions PDF
  • Birth Is Not Just A Noun Mp3
  • Staying In The NOW PDF
  • Practice As Though Your Birth Depends On It PDF