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Keep in mind that hundreds of fathers and mothers developed The Birthing Better skills to answer their questions: “What if”? “What about”? , “How can we”? “Could we have?” Giving birth is such a HUGE experience that unfolds moment-to-moment. We filled those moments with skills and felt empowered and enriched by doing so. Join us today.

Birth Coach


Compliments Birthing Better Complete Birth Skills online birthing class


The birthing woman wants a good birth coach. Increase your range of birth-coaching skills


Deepen your birth-coaching skills


Increase your birth-coaching confidence


Fathers nit-picked their birth-coaching experience and refined their skills

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Frankly, when Julie told me to work through the Complete Birth Skills course, I rolled my eyes. Birth is women’s business. Then she did The Hip Lift on me and I totally understood why I needed to grow up and get involved.”


“What did I like about this course? We were working through the Complete Birth Skills course and I wanted more. I’d love to be pregnant and developing real and effective birth-coaching skills brings me closer to this process.”


“ All these skills are important to learn. We knew we probably won’t use all of them as though there was some order to use them … not. What we learned was how to bring layers of these skills together. Teamwork skills with breathing skills for example.”


Here Is The Content Birth Coach Supplementary Online Birth Class

Birth Starts With Pregnancy
  • Fathers Developed Birthing Better Skills mp4
  • From Pregnancy Through Birth Mp4
Practice Birth Skills
  • Practicing Birth Skills PDF
  • How To Practice Birth-Coaching Skills Mp3
Birth Skills For All Births
  • Birth-Coaching Non-Laboring Cesarean Mp3
  • Birth-Coach Unplanned Cesarean Mp3
  • Birth-Coach ALL Births Mp3
Birthing Teamwork Skills
  • Childbirth Teamwork PDF
  • Develop These Birthing Skills In Pregnancy Mp3
Birth Breathing Skills
  • Every Inhalation Each Exhalation Of Birth Breathing Skills Mp3
  • How To Listen In Birth Mp3
Prepare Her Pregnant Body For Birth
  • Experience These Birth Preparation Skills Mp3
  • In Birth Remember The Big Object Mp3
Prepare The Woman And Baby’s Birth Canal
  • Illustrations Of The Birth Canal PDF
  • How-to Prepare The Birth Canal To-Do For Birth Mp3
  • How To Become A Father Mp3
Each Labor Contraction Has 5 Phases
  • Labor Must Progress Mp3
  • Birth From The Outside Mp3
Body Positions During Birth
  • Bring Together Positions And Progression Of Labor Mp3
Work With Childbirth Pains
  • How Bad Is Childbirth Pain Mp3
  • Childbirth Suffering Mp3
Birth Coach Extra Birth Skills
  • Never Stop Being A Birth-Coach Mp3