Breathing, Touch, Communication Skills



Breathing Touch And Communication Birth Skills

  • Find the breathing patterns you can use from start to stop while giving birth
  • Develop excellent non-verbal communication skills so you feel understood by your birth coach
  • Learn how to use your good birth coping skills even when you have incredibly negative thoughts and feelings
  • Experience touch that is given in the right way, the right time, and the right place



What we LOVED about this course was simple. The skills were practical, useable, easy to learn, made common sense, and worked like a gem. I could see and hear when my birthing partner needed my help right away. We worked through our baby’s birth moment-to-moment together and feel amazing.”

Sacha and LeeAnn

“I had used another breathing system in my previous birth but it only worked when the contractions weren’t too painful. I ended up pleading for an epidural. In my last birth, I used these skills. What a difference. I could subtly adjust my breathing throughout and could work through the pains”


“ For us, the communication skills were the most important. For me, I never knew what to do with my negative feelings about birth. Now I know to accept them and keep going. I also pushed my husband away last time but this time we had wonderful communication skills that brought us together and healed us.”

Jerry and Cathy




Learn Great Breathing, Touch, And Communication Skills For Birth

Moment-to-moment skills that YOU modify