Breech Course Online


Learn Birthing Better breech skills to prepare your body to create space for your baby which reduces and may prevent your baby from getting stuck which is the ‘risk’. Learn Birthing Better breech birth and birth-coaching skills to cope with the naturally occurring pain of contractions so you don’t end up with more interventions.

It only takes 5-15 minutes/day to learn these skills. REMEMBER: As a pregnant woman pick the skill you want to learn instead of following the order of this online birthing class and learn it. As a father-to-be/other pick the skill you want to learn as a birth-coach then learn it. THEN TEACH EACH OTHER! 


Breech Birth Skills Course

  • All Birthing Better skills developed by hundreds of dads and moms and used in ALL births including breech births
  • Skills like:Map Your Pelvis. Do The Hip Lift for space side-to-side. Sacral Movement for space front-to-back including skills to prepare your birth canal
  • Learn to read your baby’s messages so you choose positions that your baby likes in order to come down, through, and out without risk and delay
  • Use your skills with and around all the assessments, monitoring, and procedures that are likely to occur






I was trying everything to get my baby to turn. I was frantic until I discovered this course. I turned my focus on preparing my body to open up. Even though the EVC failed, my doctor was supportive. I had a brilliant breech birth because I KNEW how to open up at every moment. These skills are sensational.”


“All of my babies were breech and had  3 Cesareans. I was determined to have a VBAC with my breech baby. I had tried all the spinning baby stuff unsuccessfully so I took a different approach and learned Birthing Better skills. They work because I could open up and keep labor and delivery moving along”


“ Our baby was breech and we wanted a vaginal birth. We chose to learn Birthing Better skills. rather try to turn our baby. Why? The skills made so much sense and we only had so many hours in our life to do something. We chose to become highly skilled and create space inside my wife’s body for our baby”


Breech Birth Online Course Contents


Breech Birth Two Birth Plans Mp4

  • Two Birth Plans PDF

Breech Pregnancy And Birth Fathers Mp4

  • Fathers-to-be PDF
  • Fathers Help In Pregnancy And Birth Mp3
  • Birth Let’s Get Real Mp4
  • What Is Normal? Mp4

Body Skills Overview And Bony Pelvis Skills Mp4

  • Body Overview PDF
  • Map Your Pelvis To-Do Mp4
  • Bony Pelvis Overview PDF
  • Bony Pelvis To-Do Mp4

Soft Pelvis Skills Mp4

  • Soft Pelvis PDF
  • Soft Pelvis To-Do Mp4

Internal Work Mp4

  • Original Pink Kit PDF
  • Prepare Your Birth Canal Mp3

Positions Mp4

  • Positions PDF
  • Positions To-Do Mp4

Hospital Birth Mp4

  • Breech Hospital Birth PDF


Home Birth Mp4

  • Breech Home Birth PDF
  • Transfer To Hospital PDF

Breathing Mp4

  • Sustainable Breathing PDF
  • Direct Breathing PDF
  • Breathing To-Do Mp4

Right Touch Mp4

  • Touch PDF
  • Touch To-Do Mp4

Birth Journey Mp4

  • Three Roles PDF
  • 5 Phases Of Contractions PDF
  • Positive And Negative Voice PDF
  • Progression Of Labor PDF
  • Birth Pain PDF

Breech Cesarean Mp4

  • Planned Cesarean PDF
  • Labor To Unplanned Cesarean PDF

Your Present Is Built On The Past Mp4

  • Breech Skills Childbirth Trend Mp4
  • Breech Birth Background Mp4
  • How Your Breech Pregnancy And Birth Was Influenced By The Past Mp4

Learn To Open Your Birthing Body For Your Breech Baby By Enrolling this Breech Class Online