COVID-19 Quick Birth Skills

COVID-19 Quick Birth Skills


It’s ok to feel anxious. Good skills help you feel much more confident


Embrace becoming skilled to birth your baby


You can either follow the order OR pick and choose


Stay focused on your task no matter what is swirling around you


Giving birth is an activity you must do even with COVID-19 restrictions

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I was desperate. I had hired a doula and my hospital wasn’t going to let her by there with me. As a solo mum, I had wanted someone there to tell me what to do. Then I took this course full of skills. I ROCKED it. Staff and my doctor were totally impressed. “


” Before COVID, I wasn’t put pressure on my husband to be my birth coach but our doula wasn’t going to be permitted into the hospital with me. My husband stepped up to the plate and was a phenomenal birth-coach. We didn’t regret what happened”

Phineus and Beverly

“ We were going to have a hospital birth before COVID. Our hospital was absolutely over-run with COVID patients and we didn’t want to risk it. We decided to have a home birth. These skills made that decision easier because we felt skilled … and were.”

Wanda and Sam

COVID-19 Quick Birth Skills Content Online Class

Skills For All Births Mp4

Special Message Mp4

  • Birth Is Not Just A Noun Mp3
  • Fathers As Great Birth Coach Mp3
  • Birthing Behavior Lists PDF
  • Positive And Negative Voice PDF
Breathing Mp4
  • Sustainable Breathing PDF
  • Directed Breathing PDF
  • Work With Your Breath Mp4
  • Practice Breathing Mp3
Prepare Your Pregnant Body Mp4
  • Body Skills Overview PDF
  • Bony Pelvis Structure PDF
  • Discover Your Bony Pelvis Mp4
  • Work With Your Bony Pelvis Mp4
  • Soft Tissue Inside Your Pelvis PDF
  • Soften Inside Your Pelvis Mp4
Internal Work Mp4
  • Prepare Your Birth Canal Mp3
  • Illustrations For Your Birth Canal PDF
Relaxation Mp4
  • Relaxation PDF
  • Manage Tension And Relaxation Mp4
Tension Mp4
  • Four Types Of Tension Mp4
  • Tension PDF
Communication Mp4
  • Teamwork PDF
  • Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication PDF
Pain Mp4
  • Childbirth Pain Mp3
  • Childbirth Pain Tips Mp3
  • Whys And Hows Of Pain PDF
  • Working With Pain PDF
Progression Of Labor Mp4
  • Progression Of Labor PDF
  • 5 Phases And Bell-Shaped Curve PDF
  • Body Positions PDF
  • Position Your Birthing Body Mp4
  • Reading Your Baby’s Messages Mp3
Touch Mp4
  • Touch PDF
  • Right Touch Mp4
Your Baby Your Birth Mp4
  • Each Birth Is Important Mp4
  • Birth Providers And You Mp4
  • Personal Birthing Better Birth Story Mp4
  • Non-labor Cesarean Births Mp4
  • Labor To Unplanned Cesarean PDF
  • Labor To Vaginal Birth Mp4
  • VBAC Mp4