Fathers Supporting VBAC

There was a reason why any woman has a Caesarean. If she wants to labor and have a vaginal birth after a Caesarean (VBAC) then she needs your assistance to prepare her pregnant body to open up so your baby can move down, through, and out of her body. If, however, she has a non-laboring Cesarean or an unplanned one after labor … it is still an activity she is doing. Use your birth coaching skills on the way to hospital, being prepped and in surgery. Your baby’s birth is important to you and it’s always an activity each woman is doing with her baby no matter the circumstances. 

Fathers Supporting VBAC


Become her VBAC Hero


Counter your anxiety by becoming competently skilled. It’s easier than you think


Your job is to help the VBAC woman get a big object (your baby) out of her body. It’s not rocket science


Have her do all the body skills on you first so you ‘feel’ what you’re trying to achieve. A VBAC is an ‘exercise in plumbing’

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Was I anxious when my wife told me she wanted a VBAC? You bet. Our daughter would have died without a cesarean. But I was going to do everything I could to support and help my wife. These skills are just wonderful.”

“As we were going over the body skills like the Hip Lift, I suddenly fully realized that her body is just a container for our baby and I could feel that I could help create much more space. Our baby wasn’t going to get stuck”

“ Momma ain’t happy then no one is happy and momma wasn’t happy with her 2 previous cesareans. I’d do anything to help and these skills were perfect for me. Practical, sensible, easy and cricky … they work!. Peace at last!”
Jared and Dianna

Fathers Supporting VBAC Content Online Class

VBAC Starts With Preparing The Pregnant Body Mp4
  • Birth Is An Exercise In Plumbing Mp3
  • Overview Bony Pelvis And Soft Tissue PDF
  • Body Skills PDF
  • Soft Tissue PDF
  • Best VBAC Birthing Positions Mp4
Successful VBAC Starts With This Pregnancy Mp4
  • Why Women Want To VBAC Mp4
  • What Doctors Want Women To VBAC Mp3
  • Is VBAC Dangerous Mp3
  • I’m Going To Support Her VBAC Mp3
  • She Wants A VBAC And That Frightens Me Mp3
Prepare The Final Passage Mp4
  • Illustrations Of The Final Passage PDF
  • How To Prepare The Final Passage Must-Do Mp3
Birth Breathing Mp4
  • Each Inhalation And Every Exhalation Mp3
  • You Can’t Read Her Mind Mp3 
Communication Mp4
  • Develop This Skills Mp3
  • The Right Touch PDF
Working Through A VBAC Labor And Delivery Mp4
  • List Of Two Birthing Behaviors PDF
  • Try This VBAC Skills Must-Do Mp4
  • Her VBAC Behavior Helps You Birth-Coach
  • VBAC Success Is All About The Inside
  • Never Stop Being A VBAC Birth-Coach
Remember This Is Your Baby’s Birth Mp4
  • Whatever Happens At Birth