Fathers Supporting VBAC



Fathers Supporting VBAC

  • Become her VBAC Hero
  • Counter your anxiety by becoming competently skilled. It’s easier than you think
  • Your job is to help the VBAC woman get a big object (your baby) out of her body. It’s not rocket science
  • Have her do all the body skills on you first so you ‘feel’ what you’re trying to achieve. A VBAC is an ‘exercise in plumbing’






Was I anxious when my wife told me she wanted a VBAC? You bet. Our daughter would have died without a cesarean. But I was going to do everything I could to support and help my wife. These skills are just wonderful.”


“As we were going over the body skills like the Hip Lift, I suddenly fully realized that her body is just a container for our baby and I could feel that I could help create much more space. Our baby wasn’t going to get stuck”


“ Momma ain’t happy then no one is happy and momma wasn’t happy with her 2 previous cesareans. I’d do anything to help and these skills were perfect for me. Practical, sensible, easy and cricky … they work!. Peace at last!”

Jared and Dianna

Fathers Supporting VBAC Content Online Class


VBAC Starts With Preparing The Pregnant Body Mp4

  • Birth Is An Exercise In Plumbing Mp3
  • Overview Bony Pelvis And Soft Tissue PDF
  • Body Skills PDF
  • Soft Tissue PDF
  • Best VBAC Birthing Positions Mp4

Successful VBAC Starts With This Pregnancy Mp4

  • Why Women Want To VBAC Mp4
  • What Doctors Want Women To VBAC Mp3
  • Is VBAC Dangerous Mp3
  • I’m Going To Support Her VBAC Mp3
  • She Wants A VBAC And That Frightens Me Mp3

Prepare The Final Passage Mp4

  • Illustrations Of The Final Passage PDF
  • How To Prepare The Final Passage Must-Do Mp3


Birth Breathing Mp4

  • Each Inhalation And Every Exhalation Mp3
  • You Can’t Read Her Mind Mp3 

Communication Mp4

  • Develop This Skills Mp3
  • The Right Touch PDF

Working Through A VBAC Labor And Delivery Mp4

  • List Of Two Birthing Behaviors PDF
  • Try This VBAC Skills Must-Do Mp4
  • Her VBAC Behavior Helps You Birth-Coach
  • VBAC Success Is All About The Inside
  • Never Stop Being A VBAC Birth-Coach

Remember This Is Your Baby’s Birth Mp4

  • Whatever Happens At Birth

You CAN and SHOULD help her VBAC