Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 12-24 Weeks


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Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 12-24 Weeks

  • Maturing your 10 pregnancy skills
  • Pregnancy settles down
  • Your job is to grow as a competent human being, man, father-to-be, partner
  • Realize you are working better as a team and family






I was SO relieved to have found this course. I’m not so freaked. I feel more confident. I’m more intentional in how I do things. I feel closer to my wife and our baby. I now have a pathway forward. And to think … this is my 3rd pregnancy with my wife and always felt like a third-wheel.”


“A BIG SHOUT-OUT to everyone at Common Knowledge Trust and all the amazing fathers who developed these skills. I was desperate for my 2nd husband to be more involved. I didn’t know how to help him or my first husband. Girl-friends, work through this course with your partner. You’re in this together”


“ In my country men are not very involved in pregnancy and birth. It’s considered ‘women’s business’ but we now live in another country and we’re going to do it differently. These skills are universal, make sense, fit into my culture and religion and so incredibly helpful to me and my beloved wife”


Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 12-24 Weeks Online Class


Introduction Mp4

  • What Is Phase #2 All About Mp3
  • Things Should Get Better Mp4
  • Pregnancy The Time Before Mp4
  • Becoming A Father Is A Process PDF
  • 12-24 Weeks Pregnancy Mp3

10 Skills Mp4

  • 10 Skills Integration Mp4
  • 10 Skills Couple With Other Skills Mp4

Kindness Mp4

  • Kindness To Mother Mp4
  • Kindness To Yourself And Baby Mp4
  • Kindness Mp3

Patience Mp4

  • Patience To Mother Mp4
  • Patience Mp3

Awareness Mp4

  • Awareness To Self Mp4
  • Awareness To Mother Mp4
  • Awareness Mp3

Attention To Details Mp4

  • Attention To Details To Mother Mp4
  • Attention To Details To Yourself Mp4
  • Attention To Details Mp3


Second Set Of Arms Mp4

Second Set Of Eyes Mp4

  • Second Set Of Eyes Mp3

See What Needs To Be Done Mp4

  • Seeing More Is A Big Topic Mp3

Recap Mp4

  • Watch Mothers Mp3

Humor Mp4

  • Humor To Mother Mp4
  • Humor To Baby Mp4

Delight Mp4

  • Delight To Yourself Mp4
  • Delight To Mother And Baby Mp4

Clarity Mp4

  • Clarity To Mother Mp4
  • Clarity To Your Baby Mp4

Recap Mp4

Saying Good-bye Mp4

  • Watch Other Fathers Mp3

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