Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 24-36 Weeks

Expecting fathers can join our Pregnancy Academy at different stages. Get ready for fatherhood with expert guidance and support.

Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy


The Golden Phase of pregnancy


The 10 skills always change to fit each phase


Your baby is now very real and birth is around the corner


Start preparing body for birth and learn birth and coaching skills

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I feel I can now breathe!  Six months of pregnancy have passed and I’m not certain my partner has been happy with me. Now she’s glowing and is inviting me into her world and our baby. Then I stumbled on to this Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy. It’s a balm for my parched brain and heart


“ I was fortunate to start with the first F2B Pregnancy Academy course. WHAT A F…ING DIFFERENCE IT’S MADE IN MY MARRIAGE AND FOR MYSELF!!!!!!!! I can’t say it enough. I know that hundreds of dads, other men, developed these skills, and boy, oh boy, I sure know why each of the 10 skills is important.”


“ The first months of pregnancy have been a nightmare, to be honest. I had a lovely, gorgeous, intimate partner before we fell pregnant and she turned into a rager who never wanted to be intimate. She was sick, irritable, pushed me away, cried heaps and let me know I was failing her in some profound way.”

George David

Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 24-36 Weeks Online Content

  • Fathers-to-be PDF
  • Pregnancy Is The Time Before PDF
  • Childbirth Is PDF
  • Phase 3 of Pregnancy Mp3
10 Skills Mp4
  • Your Hero’s Journey PDF
Clarity Mp4
  • Clarity To Self Mp4
  • Clarity To Your Baby’s Mother Mp4
  • Clarity To Your Baby Mp4
  • Dear Expectant Father PDF
Humor Mp4
  • Humor To Yourself Mp4
  • Humor To Baby’s Mother Mp4
  • Humor Delight Clarity Mp3
Delight Mp4
  • Delight To Yourself Mp4
  • Delight To Your Baby Mp4
Awareness Mp4
  • Awareness To Yourself Mp4
  • Awareness To Your Baby Mp4
  • You As Birth Coach PDF
  • Awareness Mp3
  • Know Your Task PDF
Attention To Detail Mp4
  • Attention To Detail To Your Baby’s Mother Mp4
  • Attention To DetailsTo Yourself Mp4
Second Set Of Arms Mp4

Second Set of Eyes Mp4

    • Second Set of Arms And Eyes Mp3
See What Needs To Be Done Mp4
  • See What Needs To Be Done Mp3
Kindness Mp4
  • Kindness In Phase 3 Mp3
Patience Mp4
  • Patience Mp3
Looking Forward To The Birth Mp4
  • Childbirth Is Coming PDF
Birthing Behaviors PDF

Sustainable Breathing PDF

Communication PDF

We Share The Same Body Mp4

Body Structure Overview PDF

Teamwork PDF

Conclusion Mp4