Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 36 Weeks To Birth


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Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 36 Weeks To Birth

  • Modify your skills
  • Keep learning, practicing birth and coaching skills
  • You’ll use all these skills once your baby is born
  • Commit to using your skills together as a family






I found The Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academies in phase #1 and I’ve purchased each one just to help me grow as a man, partner, and father-to-be. My partner and I are so grateful to all the men who developed these skills. We would never have thought about this or known without them.’ 


“  What did I learn most from these courses?  That my baby, my baby’s mother, and I are all human beings capable of learning consciously to adapt to change without so much stress. In our first three pregnancies, we were always stressed. Now we work together better and that leads to less stress”


“ Was one of these 10 skills the most important to me?  Yes, it was the skill of humor or lighten up the situation. My wife has always had rough pregnancies. We love kids, want a big family but pregnancy is so hard on her, on me, and our kids. I’m a gentler man because of these skills.’


Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 36 Weeks – Birth Online Content


10 Skills Mp4

  • Hero Journey PDF
  • 10 Pregnancy Skills PDF

Kindness and Patience Mp4

  • Kindness and Patience To Your Baby Mp4

Breathing Mp4

  • Breathing Part 2 Mp4
  • Sustainable Breathing PDF

Awareness And Attention To Detail Mp4

Touch Mp4

  • The Right Touch PDF
  • Hospital Birth PDF
  • Home Births PDF
  • Birth Center Births PDF
  • Unassisted Free Birth PDF
  • Transfer to Hospital PDF


Second Set Of Arms And Eyes Mp4

  • Birth Positions PDF

Humor Mp4

  • Teamwork PDF

Delight Mp4

Clarity Mp4

  • Two Birthing Behaviors Check-list PDF

Conclusion Mp4

Skills learned grow life-long competency