Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception To 12 Weeks



Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception To 12 Weeks

  • Keep up with the changes that the woman and baby go through that turns life upside down and inside out.
  • Feel confident rather than stupid, useless, and helpless
  • There are 5 phases in every pregnancy and 10 skills
  • You’ll use these skills toward your baby’s mother, baby, and yourself
  • The skills morph in each phase. At times being more important and at other times on the back burner
  • These are Life skills






      I’m proud to be one of the original dads who developed these 10 skills. Actually, they were developed after all the birth preparation and management skills had been developed that we knew should be learned from 24 weeks onward. But, we already felt left behind at 6 months of pregnancy. That had to change.”


      “Daniel (the testimonial on the left) and I were friends and both our wives were pregnant at the same time. We compared notes about feeling stupid and often pissing off our partner. We had no idea that these skills would be so powerful and life-transforming. Like all humans, we love being skilled.”


      “ My first wife and I split up because she was so disappointed with me during two pregnancies and births which then played out in our relationship and parenting. We divorced. I was committed never to having more children. My 2nd wife found these Pregnancy Academy courses. We worked together. Life changed.”


      Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception To 12 Weeks Online Content


      Dear Expectant Father PDF

      • 12 Step Hero’s Journey PDF
      • Awakening The Father Mp3

      10 Skills Mp4

      • 10 Pregnancy Skills Developed By Men PDF
      • 12 Step Hero’s Journey PDF
      • Expectant Fathers Mp4
      • Awakening The Father Within Mp3
      • Let’s Dig Deeper Mp3
      • What A BIG Topic Pregnancy Is Mp3

      Kindness Mp4

      • Kindness Mp3
      • Kindness Is An Action Word Mp4
      • Kindness To Your Baby’s Mother Mp4
      • Kindness To Yourself Mp4
      • Kindness To Your Baby Mp4

      Patience Mp4

      • Patience Mp3
      • Patience To Yourself Mp4
      • Patience To The Pregnant Woman Mp4
      • Patience To Your Child Mp4

      Awareness Mp4

      • Awareness mp3
      • Awareness Before The Modern World Mp4
      • Awareness With Refinement Mp4
      • Awareness with Skills Mp4
      • Awareness Towards Self Mp4
      • Awareness To Your Baby Mp4
      • Awareness To Mother Mp4
      • Awareness Conclusion Mp4


      Attention To Details Mp4

      • Attention To Details Mp3
      • Attention To Details To Self Mp4
      • Attention To Details To Baby Mp4
      • Attention To Details In Relationships Mp4
      • Attention To Details To Partner Mp4

      See What Needs To Be Done Mp4

      • See What Needs To Be Done Mp3
      • See What Needs To Be Done Mother Mp4
      • See What Needs To Be Done Baby Mp4
      • See What Needs To Be Done Self Mp4

      Recap Mp4

      Grow Set Set Eyes And Arms Mp4

      • Second Set Of Arms Mp3
      • Second Set Of Eyes Mp3
      • Grow A Second Set of Eyes Mp4

      Humor Mp4

      • Humor Mp3

      Delight Mp4

      • Delight Mp3

      Clarity Mp4

      • Clarity Mp3

      Conclusion Mp4

      • Moving From Phase #1 To #2 Mp3

      Start on YOUR incredible Hero’s Journey