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Whether birthing on your own or with a birth provider at home, or whether this is your first home birth or 10th learning great and effective birth and birth-coaching skills is just normal and natural as part of your preparation.

You won’t think of having a baby at home without being highly skilled any more than you’d have kids without being a skilled mother and father. Your baby is already here!. Your home birth is one of the most significant activities you do as a parent with your child.

That’s the reason hundreds of fathers and mothers developed the Birthing Better skills (previously known as The Pink Kit) in the US in the early 1970s.


Your Home, Your Birth: Discover the Power of Home Births in Our Class

  • Become familiar with all the skills just in case they may come in handy during your birth
  • Start from 24 weeks onward to prepare your body. Start at 32 weeks to prepare your birth canal
  • Yolk your mind/body in an organic manner that satisfies our animal spirit
  • Support your homebirth midwife by birthing effectively and with focused confidence.






We’ve had 4 home births and thought they were as good as it can get. Then we went through this amazing course. We learned skills we even imagined. Our next 3 births were unbelievable. Thank you Birthing Better”

Zahra and Amin

“What did I love about Birthing Better skills? They are SO real. We believe that birth is natural and God provides. We also believe that things happen naturally and we need to be responsible. A 5-star rating!!!!”

Angelo and Zephyr

“ When I met my midwife I was totally relieved. I needed so much support. She encouraged me to get this course. It changed my life. I became confident and full of skills. I became more of a partner than a nervous woman.”


Home Birth Online Class Content


HomeBirth Skills Introduction Mp4

HomeBirth Fathers And Others Mp4

  • Father As Birth Coach Mp3
  • Three Roles PDF
  • Continuity Of Self Mp4
  • Two Birth Behavior Lists PDF

HomeBirth Births Mp4

  • In Your Home PDF
  • What Is It Mp4

HomeBirth Body Skills Mp4

  • Body Overview PDF
  • Map Pelvis Mp4
  • Bony Pelvis Structure PDF
  • Bony Pelvis To-Do Mp4

HomeBirth Soft Pelvis Mp4

  • Soft Pelvis PDF
  • Soft Pelvis To-Do Mp4

HomeBirth Positions Mp4

  • Positions PDF
  • Positions To-Do Mp4

HomeBirth Prepare Birth Canal Mp4

  • Birth Canal Illustrations PDF
  • Birth Canal To-Do Mp3
  • Internal Work Instructions Mp3


HomeBirth Breathing Mp4

  • Sustainable Breathing PDF
  • Directing Your Breathing PDF
  • Breathing To-Do Mp4
  • Practice Teamwork Mp3

HomeBirth Teamwork Mp4

  • Teamwork PDF

HomeBirth Progression Of Labor Mp4

  • Keep Labor Progressing PDF
  • 5 Phases And Bell-Shaped Contractions PDF
  • Bad Thoughts Good Actions PDF

HomeBirth Free Birth Mp4

  • Free Or Unassisted Birth PDF

HomeBirth Transfer To Hospital Mp4

  • Transfer To Hospital PDF

HomeBirth Politics Mp4

  • Two Elements Mp4
  • Natural And Normal Mp4
  • How To Support Your Midwife Mp4

Elevate Your Home Birth Experience