Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 12-24 Weeks


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Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 12-24 Weeks

  • Pregnancy happens. With good, flexible skills you more deeply participate
  • Share these skills with your partner
  • Find out which skills are the most important to you in this phase of pregnancy
  • Are there any skills missing you’d like to develop?






God, I hate the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I’m always surprised at how unsettling it is to me, my husband, and our kids. Thankfully, this time I had worked through The Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception to 12 weeks that my husband bought. Now, I have mine but we’re sharing. We’re both important and both need skills’.


“  I cruised through the first 12 weeks. I was always amazed that my friends had little or horrific problems or felt sick. So, why did I purchase this course?  I just want to know more. This is my first baby and I’m a  solo mom. The course is so unique. It made me very aware of how I use certain skills and didn’t realize I needed others.’ 


“’These are such simple skills to learn. I have to say this course changed my life. For example, one skill is Kindness. Such a simple word. I’m not always kind to my partner or kids and can change that. However, I’m definitely not as kind to myself as I need to be. Each skill is for myself, partner, and baby, and other kids!’


Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 12-24 Weeks Content Online Class



Introduction Mp4

  • First Time Mother-to-be PDF

10 Skills

  • 10 Pregnancy Skills PDF

See What Needs To Be Done Mp4

Attention To Details Mp4

  • Attention To Details To Yourself Mp4

Awareness Mp4

  • Awareness To Your Baby Mp4
  • Awareness To Yourself Mp4
  • Awareness To Your Baby’s Father Mp4

Patience Mp4

  • Patience To Yourself Mp4
  • Patience To Your Baby Mp4
  • Patience To Your Baby’s Fathers Mp4

Kindness Mp4

  • Kindness To Yourself Mp4
  • Kindness To Your Baby’s Fathers Mp4
  • Kindness To Your Baby Mp4


Recap Mp4

Clarity Mp4

  • Clarity To Yourself Mp4

Delight Mp4

  • Delight To Yourself Mp4
  • Delight To Your Baby’s Fathers Mp4
  • Delight To Your Baby Mp4

Humor Mp4

  • Humor To Your Baby Mp4
  • Humor For Yourself Mp4
  • Humor To Your Baby’s Fathers Mp4

Second Set Of Eyes Mp4

Second Set Of Arms Mp4

Recap Mp4

Conclusion Mp4

Skills For The 3 Of You