Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 12-24 Weeks

Expecting mothers can join our Pregnancy Academy at different stages. Get ready for birthing with expert guidance and support.

Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy


Pregnancy happens. With good, flexible skills you more deeply participate


Share these skills with your partner


Find out which skills are the most important to you in this phase of pregnancy


Are there any skills missing you’d like to develop?

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 God, I hate the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I’m always surprised at how unsettling it is to me, my husband, and our kids. Thankfully, this time I had worked through The Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception to 12 weeks that my husband bought. Now, I have mine but we’re sharing. We’re both important and both need skills’.

“  I cruised through the first 12 weeks. I was always amazed that my friends had little or horrific problems or felt sick. So, why did I purchase this course?  I just want to know more. This is my first baby and I’m a  solo mom. The course is so unique. It made me very aware of how I use certain skills and didn’t realize I needed others.’ 

“’These are such simple skills to learn. I have to say this course changed my life. For example, one skill is Kindness. Such a simple word. I’m not always kind to my partner or kids and can change that. However, I’m definitely not as kind to myself as I need to be. Each skill is for myself, partner, and baby, and other kids!’

Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 12-24 Weeks Content Online Class

Introduction Mp4
  • First Time Mother-to-be PDF
10 Skills
  • 10 Pregnancy Skills PDF
See What Needs To Be Done Mp4

Attention To Details Mp4

    • Attention To Details To Yourself Mp4
Awareness Mp4
  • Awareness To Your Baby Mp4
  • Awareness To Yourself Mp4
  • Awareness To Your Baby’s Father Mp4
Patience Mp4
  • Patience To Yourself Mp4
  • Patience To Your Baby Mp4
  • Patience To Your Baby’s Fathers Mp4
Kindness Mp4
  • Kindness To Yourself Mp4
  • Kindness To Your Baby’s Fathers Mp4
  • Kindness To Your Baby Mp4
Recap Mp4

Clarity Mp4

    • Clarity To Yourself Mp4
Delight Mp4
  • Delight To Yourself Mp4
  • Delight To Your Baby’s Fathers Mp4
  • Delight To Your Baby Mp4
Humor Mp4
  • Humor To Your Baby Mp4
  • Humor For Yourself Mp4
  • Humor To Your Baby’s Fathers Mp4
Second Set Of Eyes Mp4

Second Set Of Arms Mp4

Recap Mp4

Conclusion Mp4