Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 24-36 Weeks


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Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 24-36 Weeks

  • Always enjoy special moments and time periods
  • Learn skills to prepare your body for birth
  • Learn birth and coaching skills and use them throughout your baby’s birth
  • Commit to working together with skills






I love this phase of pregnancy. I feel so gorgeous. My husband can feel our daughter kick. He tells me how beautiful I am. We’re continuing  to work with these skills as well as learning Birthing Better skills to prepare my body for birth as well as skills we can use to work together.”


Gosh, it’s taken us 6 months for our pregnancy to settle down. Thankfully these skills have been so helpful. We can focus together and really help one another. We have decided to start on the Birthing Better VBAC online class because we’re keen to have a natural birth..”

Thomas Edward Jr

“‘  In my first pregnancy and birth, I trusted the whole process. How did that work?  Pregnancy and birth happened for sure but I felt something was missing. This time I’ve learned skills and feel so much more involved. I realize that skills enhance the whole experience.”


Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 24-36 Weeks Content Online Class


Where You’ll Birth Mp4

  • Hospital Birth PDF
  • Home Birth PDF
  • Birth Center PDF
  • Unassisted Free Birth PDF
  • Transfer To Hospital PDF

10 Skills Mp4

  • 10 Pregnancy Skills PDF

Delight Mp4

  • Delight To Baby’s Father Mp4
  • Delight To Baby Mp4
  • Delight To Yourself Mp4

Humor Mp4

Clarity Mp4

  • Clarity To Yourself Mp4
  • Clarity to Your Baby’s Father Mp4
  • Clarity To Self Mp4

Awareness Mp4

Kindness Mp4

  • Negative And Positive Voice PDF

Patience Mp4

  • Patience To Baby’s Father Mp4

Attention To Details Mp4


See What Needs To Be Done Mp4

2nd Set Of Arms And Eyes Mp4

Prepare For All Types Of Birth Mp4

  • Labor To Vaginal Birth PDF
  • Labor To Cesarean PDF
  • Planned Non-Laboring Cesarean PDF
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean PDF
  • From VBAC To Cesarean PDF
  • Trauma After Birth PDF

Birth Coach Mp4

  • Birth Coach Or Support Person? PDF
  • You As A Birth Coach PDF

Three Skills-Sth Mp4

Tension Mp4

  • Four Types Of Tension PDF

Breathing Mp4

  • Learn More About Breathing Mp4
  • Sustainable Breathing PDF
  • Listen To Breathing  PDF

Know Your Pelvis Mp4

  • Body Structure PDF

Let’s Chat Mp4

Start To Combine These Skills To

Birth Preparation Skills