Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 36 Weeks-Birth


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Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 36 Weeks-Birth

  • Time to put your pregnancy and birth skills together
  • Time to practice your birthing skills
  • Time to practice your birth and coaching skills together
  • Time to deeply commit to using skills to birth your baby






My partner and I cannot fully and deeply and thoroughly explain to others how much these Pregnancy Academy courses changed our lives coupled with the superb Birthing Better birth preparation skills. We are excited to use our birthing and coaching skills in our coming birth. We’re ready, willing, and able

Charlena and Marc

Until I stumbled over these Pregnancy Academy courses and the Birthing Better skills, I thought nothing about what I was going to do. I feel confident instead of uncertain. I feel bold, proud, capable, ready, skilled, empowered, and I’m gladly taking my Heroine’s Journey into motherhood.”


“‘  We just want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the hundreds of fathers and mothers, like ourselves who more than a generation ago developed all these fantastic pregnancy, birth preparation, birth, and coaching skills. Birthing Better will go down in history as the best approach to pregnancy and birth.”

The Julian Family

Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 36 Weeks-Birth Online Class Content


10 Skills Mp4

  • Heroine’s Journey PDF
  • 10 Pregnancy Skills PDF

See What Needs To Be Done Mp4

Delight Mp4

Kindness And Awareness Mp4

Attention To Details Mp4

Humor Mp4

Second Set Of Arms And Eyes Mp4

Clarity Mp4

Where You’ll Birth Mp4

  • Hospital Birth PDF
  • Home Birth PDF
  • Birth Center PDF
  • Unassisted Free Birth PDF
  • Transfer To Hospital PDF


Type Of Birth Mp4

  • Labor To Vaginal Birth PDF
  • Labor To Emergency Cesarean PDF
  • VBAC To Unplanned Caesarean PDF
  • Planned Non-Laboring Cesarean PDF

Your Pelvis Mp4

  • Body Structure Overview PDF

Work With Pain Mp4

  • Working With Childbirth Pain PDF

Stay Present Mp4

  • Staying In The Now PDF

Conclusion Mp4

Pep Talk Mp4

Mothers-to-be PDF

  • Fathers-to-be PDF

Bring All Your Skills Together